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Do Facial Rollers Actually Work?

Do Facial Rollers Actually Work?

You can’t scroll through Instagram or TikTok these days without seeing someone with a gorgeous glow and cheekbones for days. Just when you thought it came down to good genes, they pull out a facial roller and swear it is the key to a sculpted face. Honestly, we could not have hit that ‘add to cart’ button faster. But the million dollar question is, do facial rollers work? Let’s find out.

What are the benefits of face rollers?

Besides looking oh-so-cute on your dresser, face roller benefits include lymphatic drainage massaging, which helps to remove excess fluids and toxins in the body and face. Lymphatic massages give these fluids a helping hand to move along, rather than being trapped in your face. You know when you wake up and you’re feeling particularly puffy? Yup, that’s your cue to get out your facial roller.

They also improve circulation and are frankly the ultimate relaxation tool. Anyone who uses a facial roller will tell you how they could spend hours rolling their face - it feels that good.

If you’re a gold star skincare student, you can keep your facial roller in the fridge so that when you go to indulge in your morning self care, the coolness of the stone will help to awaken the skin and soothe inflammation.

Now, besides the skincare benefits, many facial rollers are made of jade or rose quartz. These gemstones have their own healing powers, said to draw out negativity and provide balance. If you’re anything like us, you need as much help as you can get de-stressing and staying grounded.

Facial roller vs Gua Sha

One of the cousins of the facial roller is the humble gua sha, dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Gua what now? Don’t worry, we’ll explain the difference. In traditional Asian practices, the term ‘gua sha’ literally translates to ‘scrape the pain away’ which sounds pretty good if you ask us.

While a facial roller helps to drain puffiness and stimulate blood flow, a gua sha tends to work on a deeper level. Thanks to its unique shape, it gives the perfect, natural facelift, sculpting and tightening the face to prevent signs of ageing.

Like facial rollers, a gua sha massages the skin to avoid fluid retention, reduce puffiness and help those cheekbones pop! If you have any muscle soreness, a gua sha can help to knead out those knots. Using one is like a spa massage for your face.

Need a little gua sha inspiration? Our Gua Sha Stone is made from aventurine, a quartz linked to feelings of comfort, harmony and love. Not only will it provide a natural lift of your eyebrows and jowl area, it will also soften out any fine lines.

How to use a Facial Roller or Gua Sha

The good news is whether you’re using a face roller or a gua sha, they both use pretty similar techniques when trying to make the most out of them.

As we mentioned, your best bet is to store yours in the fridge and use it as part of your morning routine. After cleansing, use an oil of your choice to allow for seamless movement across your face. Our top picks are the 24K Gold Nourishing Oil to tackle dryness, or the Peppermint Green Oil to soothe inflammation.

Working your way upwards, start at the base of the neck and use an upwards motion with the gua sha or roller 3-5 times in each area. Once you’re finished with the neck, move to the under eyes. Start from the middle and move outwards across the cheeks and towards the ear to help with the lymphatic drainage. Finish things off with the same routine on your forehead. The general rule is to always move upwards. We’ve put together a handy gua sha tutorial right here.

When using your roller, avoid areas of active acne, otherwise you risk inflaming them further or spreading bacteria. No thanks!

For the best results (and the ultimate moment of relaxation), use your facial roller or gua sha for five minutes each day and you’ll cut glass with your chiselled face in no time!


Make your mornings feel like a trip to the spa with a facial roller or gua sha. Aside from feeling suuuuper relaxed, you’ll notice your puffiness literally slide away and watch the compliments ‘roll’ in - pun intended! Have any other questions about using a facial roller or gua sha? Chat to our skin consultants today!

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