Beauty beyond the routine.

Welcome to esmi, a curation of beauty, skincare, and hair care brands designed to work brilliantly on their own and in combination with each other.


From making your mornings a little brighter with results-driven skincare, through to make-up designed by industry experts—we say ‘yes’ to innovation and ‘no’ to routines that feel routine.

The Journey

esmi was founded by the visionary beauty therapist, brow specialist and teacher, Evette McEwan. Formed from the belief that every individual, irrespective of expertise, deserves access to professional-grade beauty essentials.

From the very inception, the ethos of esmi has remained steadfast across all its pioneering brands – a commitment to helping you radiate confidence effortlessly. 

Step into the world of PONi, where eyes are the cornerstone of your look. In 2013, PONi emerged with a revolutionary brow kit, setting the stage for a beauty revolution. PONi then expanded its range to include an array of transformative products – from liners, eyeshadows to blushes – each meticulously crafted to complement your lifestyle.

In response to demand for microbiome-friendly and barrier protecting skincare solutions that marry ethics with efficacy, esmi Skin Minerals burst onto the scene in 2016. Armed with a revolutionary colour-coded skin concern specific range, esmi Skin Minerals promises tailored treatments for your unique skin concerns.

Fast forward to 2019, and Lip Heroes made its grand entrance into the esmi family. Born from a dedication to crafting lip-specific products that not only deliver incredible colour but also uphold Evette's high quality and cruelty-free standards.

And last but certainly not least, we welcomed Sun Skills to the esmi family. Joining in 2023, Sun Skills harnesses the power of clean, paraben-free ingredients to nourish and shield your skin from the elements while nourishing and protecting your skin. 

The Mission

It’s about putting YOU back into your BEAUTY routine.

We believe that great skin (and beauty) starts from within. That’s why every brand under esmi has been intentionally created with a skin health first approach. 

From sheet masks to mineral foundations, lipids to lipsticks, esmi is your one-stop destination for everything you need to put your best face forward every day.

The results from using esmi speak for themselves with hundreds of heartwarming messages from customers sharing their stories of improved skin, great results and above all, improved confidence.