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skincare for dry skin


Dry skin on the face is easily compromised and more susceptible to free radical damage, premature ageing, dehydration, and flare ups of inflammation. It can be really uncomfortable but good news, there are plenty of ways to keep dry skin at bay.

Dry Skin

Our range of dry skin treatments target moisture retention to restore dry, dull skin to a healthy, hydrated and soft state.

For instant dry skin relief try our Refreshing and Hydrating Skin Snack Face Mist and be sure to check out our insanely-loved 24K Gold Nourishing Oil - worth its weight in gold. You can create your own money-saving dry skin regime with our customisable ‘Build Your Own’ Skin Solutions Bundle.

Feels tight, flaky
Fine lines & cracks

More susceptible
to damage

Seek hydration
& protection

What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is a skin type where the skin produces less sebum than normal skin types and may struggle to keep moisture locked into the cells. Dry skin on the face is easily compromised and more susceptible to free radical damage, premature ageing, dehydration, and flare ups of inflammation. It can be really uncomfortable but good news, there are plenty of ways to keep dry skin at bay.

How do I know if I have dry skin?

Signs you have dry skin include:

  • Skin feels tight and uncomfortable
  • Dry, flaky patches especially around the nose and mouth
  • Fine lines and cracks
  • Skin looks rough and dull
  • Irritated and itchy

How to Treat Dry Skin

When faced with dry skin, the best course of action is to reach for products and ingredients that help your skin retain its natural oils and moisture.

Skin care for dry skin should involve a few key ingredients. These are the best skincare ingredients for dry skin and are total saviours:

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid draws water into the cells and holds onto it for rapid hydration benefits - it can hold 1000x its weight in water. It deeply hydrates, keeping skin plump and minimises fine lines.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Effective at restoring the skin barrier to guard against moisture loss and dehydration. Looking for products with niacinamide is going to help your skin lock in all of that moisture.

Shea Butter

Packed with vitamin E, shea butter is a natural dry skin treatment that increases skin hydration. It contains stearic, palmitic, and linoleic acids that work together to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil has excellent emollient properties for moisturising dry skin; it also offers antiseptic and astringent properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help treat redness and inflammation.

Need help with your skin routine?

Need help choosing a skin treatment routine for your dry skin? Book a free consultation with a Skin Service Consultant.

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Dry skin is a skin condition so for the most part is outside of our control as some of us are simply born with naturally dry skin (i.e. skin lacking oil). Hormonal changes, stress, weather and some medications can also reduce the skin’s natural oil production causing it to become dry.

As dry skin lacks oil we want to nurture and nourish the skin, to help improve the protective barrier. Using a gentle cleanser as well as a nourishing face oil both morning and night is a great way to kick start a dry skin routine. Adding a deeply moisturising mask once or twice a week will also help to prevent dry, flaky skin and really boost your skincare routine.

So, how do you stop dry skin on the face? Look for these key ingredients in your skincare to help hydrate and protect the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss. The best treatments for dry skin are:
- Hyaluronic Acid
- Niacinamide (vitamin B3)
- Shea butter (look for vitamin E)
- Rose essential oil
- Squalene

These ingredients have some incredible soothing, hydrating and restorative benefits, all while being non-irritating. Seriously, they are going to be your dry skin saviours!

Drinking water is certainly great for our skin health! However as water helps to boost hydration and keep skin firm and plump, it won’t address a dry skin condition. As dry skin relates to a lack of oil, keeping our skin moisturised is the best way to combat dry, flaky skin.

Vitamins are essential for our body’s overall functionality; we recommend working on your vitamin intake both internally as well as externally for a healthier body and a more nourished complexion. Getting familiar with vitamin E (especially when applied topically, often in the form of shea butter), vitamin D and vitamin C can help to reduce the symptoms of dry skin.

Want to know more? We’ve written plenty of blog posts about this skin type and how best to treat dry skin. Dive in!

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Our esmi Skin Minerals customers have had some incredible results in soothing and hydrating their dry skin using our products. Check out some real-life success stories here.

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