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Foundation & BB Cream

Foundation & BB Cream

Mineral, vegan foundation that gives you a flawless base as well as skin-boosting benefits. Yes, you read that right! The esmi Skin Minerals BB creams and foundations will give you a gorgeous, airbrushed finish and are packed with natural minerals like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and mica to protect the skin from pollutants and UV rays.

Mineral Makeup - The Healthiest Choice for Glowing Skin

Formulated with naturally occurring minerals, mineral-based makeup is the perfect choice for a flawless, radiant look, thanks to its skin-boosting benefits.

The vegan foundations are made from natural minerals including zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and mica. They are crushed into super-fine particles and formulated to create powders, liquid foundation, and mineral BB cream makeup.

Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores and is hypoallergenic too, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin, acne concerns, psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema.

Mineral foundations and BB creams also contain a natural sunscreen - titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide to boost protection from UV rays. Designed for smooth, flawless coverage, a little goes a long way too!


Liquid Mineral Foundation

A healthy, maximum coverage liquid mineral foundation that heals, hydrates, and contains SPF 15 protection.

esmi Skin Minerals Liquid Mineral Foundation offers natural, comfortable coverage for all skin types addressing redness, pigmentation and uneven skin tone for a smooth, nourished complexion all day long. Despite being full coverage, it is a non-comedogenic foundation so won’t clog pores.

Loose Mineral Foundation

Ultra fine, medium coverage loose mineral powder foundation with SPF and skin boosting minerals for a quick-to-apply flawless glow.

esmi Skin Minerals Loose Mineral Foundation is perfect for all skin types as the luxurious, super fine consistency is non-irritant and covers redness, pigmentation and smoothes skin tone for a glowing, lasting finish.

This mineral based, vegan foundation is an ideal alternative to foundation cream if you prefer a powder formulation that still offers medium coverage.

Mineral BB Cream

A glow-boosting mineral BB cream for sheer coverage that hydrates, nourishes and protects with hyaluronic acid, allantoin, and SPF15.

esmi Skin Minerals Mineral BB Cream is ideal for all skin types. The best lightweight cruelty free BB in Australia, it cream primes, colour corrects, minimises imperfections and visibly evens skin tone.

Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, this is the best vegan BB cream for makeup kits for clear skin and a clear conscience.

Translucent Mineral Powder

Shine minimising, this mineral translucent finishing powder is formulated to set mineral foundation cream and blur imperfections for a clean, all day finish. Infused with skin strengthening silica and moisturising aloe vera.

esmi Skin Minerals Translucent Mineral Powder has no colour pigment, so it suits all colour tones and skin types, especially oily skin, for crease free on-the-go touch ups and long lasting, natural radiance.


Mineral BB cream, CC cream powder, mineral liquid foundation, mineral powder foundation, all with a range of coverage choices. Which one is right for you?

BB cream - Lighter than foundations, BB creams provide sheer coverage and colour correction.

CC cream - Offers a little more coverage than BB cream and is a colour corrector for more sallow skin.

Mineral liquid foundation - Designed to conceal more than BB cream, mineral liquid foundation provides full coverage for blemishes or imperfections.

Loose Mineral Foundation - Loose mineral foundation provides sheer to medium coverage for a more natural look. It is ideal for oily skin.

Have questions about the range of esmi Skin Minerals vegan mineral makeup?

The esmi Skin Minerals team would love to help you find the best mineral makeup routine for your healthiest and most radiant skin ever. Get in touch with a consultant to book your complimentary skin consultation.

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We believe every person deserves to feel empowered, confident and experience good skin health. We're here to help answer any questions, and help you with your skin journey.

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A liquid foundation is a tinted liquid or cream which can be applied to the face to help improve the appearance of our skin by even out skin tone and covering up blemishes. Using a mineral liquid foundation is beneficial as it often contains ingredients that also treat the skin, like the esmi Maximum Coverage Mineral Liquid Foundation which also contains Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and Niacinamide to repair and nourish skin. Alternatively, there are loose mineral powder foundations that can be lightly dusted over the face for a lighter, more natural coverage.

Using a maximum coverage liquid mineral foundation and setting it with a light dusting of loose mineral powder or loose mineral translucent powder will usually give the longest lasting results. Dusting on the powder throughout the day will also give your foundation longevity without clogging the pores.

Our foundation colours are based on the Fitzpatrick Skin Scale to make colour matching a little more streamlined. We also have a shade finder which explains each different colour level. Alternatively, we can help to suggest the most suitable colour and coverage for your complexion, feel free to send a makeup free selfie to our Skin Service Team.

Beige foundation usually relates to a warm tone, although some foundation ranges offer a “cool beige” or “warm beige” option. At esmi we find these descriptions a little bit confusing for customers so we based our colour system on the globally recognised Fitzpatrick Skin Scale, making colour matching as easy as 1, 2 or 3!

Your foundation shade should be one shade lighter than your chest and blend well with your neck to make it appear natural.

The oxidation of foundation is not based on any one thing, rather it is based on a number of factors like a skin’s natural oils, acidity level and the humidity in the air - so in theory, yes all foundations COULD oxidize if the environment causes it. Ensuring skin is appropriately hydrated and primed/moisturised prior to foundation application can prevent a foundation from oxidizing. We recommend skin is properly cleansed and a hydrator like our Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum is applied before using your esmi Mineral Foundation of choice.

Also, ensuring the foundation lid is fastened tightly after each use will prevent it from being exposed to air causing oxidation.

Patchy foundation can be due to a number of causes. Things like built up dry skin, not waiting for skin care to absorb and applying powder to damp skin can all cause a patchy foundation application.

For smooth and flawless foundation application, we recommend applying your foundation to well-prepped skin - exfoliating or masking prior to application is a great start!

As a base for foundation we suggest applying our Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum which hydrates and plumps skin, allowing for a smooth application. Using the correct tools to apply and blend your mineral foundation is also important - the esmi Vegan Foundation Brush has dual-layered bristles to buff the Liquid Mineral Foundation on the skin and the ultra soft esmi Vegan Kabuki Brush is perfectly proportioned to apply a fine layer of the Loose Mineral Powder. If you have an oily skin type, we recommend setting your foundation with our Mineral Translucent Powder, or for additional coverage, our Loose Mineral Foundation Powder.

The best vegan foundation is one that covers imperfections, smooths, and gives the skin a boost with healthy ingredients. Luckily, ours do all of the above! The BB creams and foundations provide the perfect base for your makeup look, no matter whether you’re going for an everyday, natural look, or something that is going to last you all night.

Our non-comedogenic BB cream and foundations won’t clog your pores so they are perfect if you’ve got acne-prone skin. Plus, the lightweight formulations are hypoallergenic so don’t stress if you’ve got sensitive skin.

The Loose Mineral Foundation will help to protect your skin from UV rays and the Liquid Mineral Foundation has hydrating hyaluronic acid and skin plumping niacinamide, so it is makeup that is actually good for your skin.

All of the esmi Skin Minerals BB creams and foundations are non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog your pores, making them the best acne-prone skin makeup.

The Loose Mineral Foundation is a sheer to medium coverage foundation that feels incredibly lightweight on the skin and helps to mattify any oils. Many experts recommend using powder mineral foundations for acne-prone skin as it allows the skin to breathe. This vegan foundation contains silica, which boosts collagen production and helps acne-prone skin to heal, while the zinc has sun-protecting and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are looking for a full coverage non-comedogenic foundation, the Liquid Mineral Foundation contains niacinamide to restore the skin and regulate oil flow, all without triggering breakouts.

Put simply, non-comedogenic cosmetics are specially formulated without ingredients that are known to clog pores and cause breakouts. If you’ve got oily or acne-prone skin, you’re going to want to reach for these products especially, but everyone can benefit from a non-comedogenic foundation.

Non-comedogenic ingredients can also help to clear oil and dirt from the pores, which is why we’re such fans. All of the esmi Skin Minerals BB creams and foundations are non-comedogenic so, unlike most makeup that leaves your skin in worse condition, our bases actually help to keep your skin gorgeous and clear.

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