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Probiotic Skin Mylck

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Paraben & Sulfate Free

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Safe during pregnancy & breastfeeding

Recyclable Packaging

Contains Natural & Plant Derived ingredients

Made in Australia

Our Probiotic Skin Mylck helps heal and strengthen hypersensitive skin. Our lightweight moisturising lotion is formulated with 100% Australian made probiotics.

The benefits of probiotics for skin:

  • Soothing and healing for hyper sensitive skin
  • Helps to balances skin's microflora
  • Aids in replenish skin moisture
  • Helps to speed up skin recovery
  • Can help with strengthening the skin barrier
  • Anti-inflammatory and hypo-allergic

The importance of probiotics for your skin:
Did you know your skin is like an ecosystem? Different parts of your body need different good-bacteria to be at its best. The esmi Probiotic Skin Mylck features specially selected Australian-Made Probiotic Lysates scientifically proven to be ideal probiotics for skin application. This Lysate helps to create an ideal environment for your skin to thrive when compromised by outside elements and bad-bacteria.

Inflamed, damaged and ultra sensitive skin meets the calming, restorative powers of probiotics in a gentle, lightweight moisturising lotion. The beneficial bacteria in the esmi Probiotic Lysates have been researched and found to help heal and support skin's natural defences.

About esmi's Probiotic Lysates:

esmi Skin Minerals is the first skincare brand to use 100% Australian made probiotics produced in an Australian cGMP/TGA approved laboratory in the Skin Mylck range.

Probiotic Lysates have been carefully researched and selected as the probiotic ideal for skin application. The good bacteria in the esmi Skin Mylck creates the ideal environment for your skin to heal and thrive while helping to balance its delicate microflora. This Lysate can aid in strengthening the skin barrier against outside irritants, pathogens that can often trouble sensitive complexions.

Redness reducing Jojoba oil can offer skin repair, damage control and increased moisturisation with Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins.

Alongside Probiotic Lysates the linoleic acid in grape-seed oil can also help strengthen skin's barrier function while plant-derived emollients help seal in moisture and imparts a smooth, soft feel to the skin.

*esmi Skin Minerals are the first skincare company using a 100% Australian made Lacticaseibacillus.rhamnosus Lysate produced in Australia's first and only cGMP/TGA certified facility for probiotic API manufacturing. Valid as at September 2020

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Soothing and healing for hyper sensitive skin. Helps to balances skin’s microflora. Aids in replenish skin moisture. Helps to speed up skin recovery. Can help with strengthening the skin barrier. Anti-inflammatory and hypo-allergic.

Skin Type

A lightweight moisturising lotion for sensitive, compromised skin types. To help heal and balance the delicate ecosystem of compromised, sensitive skin.

Real results
See the amazing results achieved with our Probiotic Skin Mylck

How to use

How to

Using the dropper drip a thumb size amount of Mylck onto your fingertips or palm. Massage into your skin after cleansing. Perfect for use under makeup or sunscreen.

Pair Skin Mylck with The Uncomplicated Cleanser and Skin Shield SPF for a gentle, protective routine. Importantly, our Skin Service team is there to guide you every step of the way and answer questions you have about our probiotic skin care products. Please reach out via chat or email skin@esmi.com.au.


Lightweight, milky lotion

How Often

Can be used morning and night and in conjunction with other Skin Treats as advised by our esmi Skin Consultants. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser when treating your skin with esmi Skin Mylck.

Ingredients that deliver results, without harsh chemicals, parabens, SLSs or fillers.

Grape Seed Oil

Can help strengthen the skin’s barrier function while plant-derived emollients help seal in moisture and imparts a smooth, soft feel to the skin.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Has been shown to mimic the sebum flow in the skin. Due to this, it is used to condition, soften and hydrate the skin. Has antibacterial qualities that help control bacteria in the hair follicle.

Probiotic Lysates

100% Australian made probiotic ideal for skin application that can help create an ideal environment for your skin to thrive when compromised by outside elements and bad bacteria.

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Probiotic moisturiser helps create an a healthy, stable environment for your skin to thrive and heal if compromised by acne, eczema, dermatitis and other conditions. Read our article Probiotic Skincare: Benefits and How It Works to learn more.

Jojoba seed oil has antibacterial qualities and is very similar to the sebum produced naturally by your skin. This helps regulate sebum production because your skin is able to recognise when it's adequately hydrated by the jojoba seed oil.

Yes! Our entire probiotic skincare range is vegan and cruelty-free.

Massage a thumb-sized amount of the Probiotic Skin Mylck into skin after cleansing. For best results, pair with a gentle cleanser such as The Uncomplicated Cleanser and the Skin Shield Sunscreen for added protection.

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