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Why Face Mask Brushes are Changing The Game

Face mask brushes are popping up in the hands of influencers everywhere. But why use a face mask brush - are they really worth the hype? Absolutely. These game changers will take your masking sessions to the next level. Here’s why! 

Why Use a Face Mask Brush? 

Less waste and less mess 

Using a brush gives you more control over how much product you apply which means less wastage. We tend to pile a mask on thickly when we use our fingers but many masking products, like esmi Booster Masks, only need a thin application to be effective.  

It’s so much easier to distribute a thin, even layer with a face mask brush. 

Dipping your fingers into pots and jars to scoop the product out can be messy too if the mask is particularly thick or a clay or charcoal formula. No more picking clay and charcoal out from under your fingernails afterwards!  

You’ll reduce the risk of spreading bacteria

Using your fingers can expose the product to microorganisms and increases the chance of contamination. Applying your mask with a brush instead helps reduce this risk and prolongs the shelf life of the product.  

Selecting a brush with high quality synthetic bristles rather than natural animal hair is also less likely to attract bacteria. Plus, brushes with synthetic bristles are vegan - that’s a big plus for us!  

You’ll need to regularly clean your face mask brush, of course, to make sure it’s fresh and bacteria free. We’ll step you through how to keep it in tip top shape in a moment.  

Give your skin salon-worthy treatment

You’ll get all the spa-like feels by using a brush to smooth on a decadent mask. Be your own skin expert and turn up the indulgence factor of a DIY at-home facial. You deserve it! 

What is the best face mask brush? 

There are plenty of options out there so what kind of brush do you use to put on a face mask? 

The best face mask brush  will have curved soft bristles so it really hugs the contours of your face allowing for a mess-free, perfectly even distribution of product.  

Choose a brush with super soft bristles that won’t irritate skin - especially sensitive skin. When it comes to size, a smaller brush is a good option because it allows you to cover all those harder-to-reach areas. 

esmi Face Mask Applicator Brush 

This little beauty is everything you need in a brush; soft, curved and easy to clean.  

With the highest quality synthetic vegan bristles, it suits all skin types for an irritation free application. Designed to team with our range of esmi Booster Masks to make application a breeze.  

How to clean esmi Face Mask Applicator Brush 

Clean brushes are crucial for healthy skin! Your esmi Mask Applicator Brush can be cleaned with most brush cleaners, soaps, and shampoos.  

After each use, simply use warm water to lather a small amount of soap, shampoo, or brush cleaner onto the masking brush - something with antibacterial properties is best.  

Move the cleanser around gently with your fingers to remove any mask residue then rinse with clean water. It’s important not to fully submerge your brush and minimise water flowing into the base to avoid breakage. 

Lay flat to dry on a clean paper towel. Your brush will be fresh and ready for your next masking session.