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esmi booster face mask treatments are the ultimate skin indulgence! Brighten, hydrate, smooth and calm with a quick or intensive treatment.

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  1. esmi Skin Minerals Hyaluronic Hydrating Booster Face Mask

    This super-saturating mask instantly boosts hydration with skin cell soaking hyaluronic acid while minerals, vitamins, and oils restore, protect and balance.

    Perfect for all skin types to target issues of dehydration, dryness, oily and problematic skin. Banishes dullness, plumps fine lines and balances oil flow.

    Why people love Hyaluronic Hydrating Booster Mask:

    - Hyaluronic acid holds 1000x its weight in water
    - Allantoin conditions and protects
    - Conditioning seaweed extract rich in minerals
    - Plumps fine lines and wrinkles
    - Balances oil and reduces breakouts
    - Use overnight to maximise active ingredients
    - Paraben free

    Our Booster Mask range is quite concentrated so it is a good idea to ease your skin into these, and work your up to leaving on overnight.

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  2. esmi Skin Minerals anti-inflammation mint gel booster face mask

    Instantly cools the discomfort of red, irritated skin while shutting down inflammation and breakouts with powerful natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Ideal for red, irritated and acne prone skin the mask can also be used to cool and repair trauma after laser and IPL treatments.

    Why people love Anti-inflammation Mint Gel Booster Mask:
    - Calms redness, irritation, acne inflammation
    - Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
    - Ideal for use after laser and IPL treatments
    - Hydrates and strengthens
    - Balances oil production

    Our Booster Mask range is quite concentrated so it is a good idea to ease your skin into these, and work your way up to leaving on overnight.

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  3. esmi Skin Minerals soft skin detoxifying exfoliating charcoal serum with kaolin clay, charcoal and bentonite clay face mask

    Wake up dull skin with this mask’s powerful detoxifying charcoal / clay combination to buff, refine and purify for soft, bright skin.

    Works wonders on tired, lacklustre skin and suits all skin types, even sensitive skin.

    Why people love Soft Skin Refining Charcoal Clay Booster Mask:

    - Brighter, softer skin
    - Detoxifying
    - More even skin tone
    - Smoother, supple skin
    - Exfoliates
    - Repairs and strengthens

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  4. esmi bouncy brightening silky booster face mask for pigmentation and dull skin

    A silky soft brightening mask to wake up a tired complexion and promote a smoother, more luminous skin tone.

    Ideal for lightening hyperpigmentation, age spots and sun damage, this face mask evens out skin tone for a smoother, brighter complexion. Suitable for most skin types.

    Why people love Bouncy Brightening Silky Booster Mask:

    - Skin brightening, lightening antioxidants
    - Reduces melanin production
    - Lightens age spots, melasma, and acne scarring
    - Anti-inflammatory to calm irritation
    - Paraben and sulfate free

    Our Booster Mask range is quite concentrated so it is a good idea to ease your skin into these, and work your way up to leaving on overnight.

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  5. esmi Skin Minerals Ultra Nourishing Booster Face Mask with Green Tea extract

    De-stress dry skin and slow cellular ageing with colloidal gold, free-radical fighting green tea extract, and a nourishing oil complex to renew, repair and protect.

    Ideal for dry skin types in need of nourishment to reduces fine lines, inflammation, uneven skin tone and heal damaged skin.

    Why people love Ultra Nourishing Booster Mask:

    - Slows signs of fine lines and wrinkles
    - Powerful free-radical fighter
    - Reduces redness and inflammation
    - Moisturising oil complex
    - Improves uneven skin tone
    - Beautiful green tea aroma

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  6. esmi Skin Minerals anti-ageing repair gel booster face mask

    *The Anti-Ageing Repair Gel Booster Mask has been updated to our new packaging - the volume is still 150mL.

    An all-in-one anti ageing gel mask with 24k gold, peptides, and antioxidants to soften fine lines, restore and protect the skin’s natural barrier.

    Suitable for most skin types to combat signs of ageing and fatigue by boosting skin elasticity, conditioning and defending against free radical damage.

    Why people love Anti-Ageing Repair Gel Booster Mask:

    - 24K gold increases elasticity and boosts circulation
    - Peptides smooth fine lines and wrinkles
    - Restores and conditions skin
    - Protects against free radical damage

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  7. esmi christmas gifting bon bon
    Your Choice of Face Mask + Gift Wrap
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    We have selected our esmi items that best fit in our gift wrap. Also includes a convenient To: and From: section.

    Please note that the gift wrap arrives flat and will require assembly - please see the 'How to Use' section for instructions.

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  8. esmi Skin Minerals Mask Applicator Brush

    Be your own facialist with this soft, curved, vegan mask applicator brush for simple, mess free masking.

    Soft bristles are gentle on all skin types for the application of esmi Booster Masks.

    Why People Love Mask Applicator Brush:

    - Highest quality synthetic vegan bristles
    - Dual layered
    - Soft for all skin types
    - Curved for quick, mess free application
    - Less product used

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Booster Face Masks

Clay, gel, and cream face mask treatments for brightening, hydrating, acne control, detoxing, soothing and anti-ageing.

Clay, gel, and cream face mask treatments for brightening, hydrating, acne control, detoxing, soothing and anti-ageing.

Our range of vegan and cruelty free face masks are formulated with hard working active ingredients plus Australian native and natural extracts to suit a range of skin types and concerns.

Each mask is designed to leave on for a quick 10 minute masking session or overnight for an intensive treatment. Enjoy a mess free application with the Mask Applicator Brush!

Different types of face masks:

Cream masks: Normal to dry skin types will be rejuvenated and hydrated with face mask cream formulations. Emollient, softening, and hydration promoting ingredients are typical in a cream based, moisturising face mask.

Gel masks: The cooling sensation and texture of a gel mask feel soothing for sensitive, irritated, or red skin. The de-puffing action of gel masks is also ideal for ageing concerns.

Clay masks: Formulated with natural clay like bentonite and kaolin, a clay mask helps refine the skin’s texture, detoxify and absorb excess oil. Ideal for congested and oily skin types.

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What is a booster face mask?

A Booster Face Mask is a luxurious addition to your routine, formulated with the highest level of Australian native, natural and plant-derived active ingredients to give your routine that extra boost and help treat your specific skin concerns. Booster Masks usually also contain a range of active ingredients that penetrate the skin at different levels, allowing for more intense absorption.

Our range of esmi Vegan Booster Masks have options to treat many different skin concerns.

Do masks really help your skin?

Yes! esmi Booster Masks will help give your skin care routine an added boost in nutrients to help treat an array of skin concerns from calming redness and balancing skin, to hydrating and plumping dry and ageing skin. They get deep into the skin to repair the molecular structure and rebuild the skin’s surface.

What is the best mask for your face? The best mask will depend on your skin and the concerns you wish to treat. We recommend using a booster mask containing a mixture of active and natural ingredients to get the best results. We have a dedicated Skin Service Team here to help with getting you started on your skin esmi journey. +
How do you apply face mask cream?

You can apply a Booster Face Mask with a mask brush or your fingers - if applied with fingers massage the remainder into your hands for a little treatment.

Should I wash my face after a mask?

Yes, a Booster Mask is designed to be washed off (after leaving on for a minimum of 10 minutes), however there are some face masks that you can leave on overnight. If you do choose to leave your Booster Mask on overnight, we recommend rinsing it off with warm water and then following it with your morning cleansing routine.

What does a beauty mask do?

A beauty mask is designed to deliver a high dose of active ingredients to the skin to target specific concerns.

Depending on the active ingredients, a face mask can do a range of things including hydrate skin, remove excess oil, target ageing concerns, calm redness and inflammation, brighten and purify skin.

What are the best beauty face masks?

We’ve matched the best face mask treatment to common skin concerns below, including an acne mask for inflamed skin, to help you decide the best vegan face masks for you.