Hair Care by esmi

Skincare doesn’t end at the hairline. That’s why when it comes to hair care, we take a scalp-first approach.

Hair Care by esmi is scientifically researched to support the microbiome of the scalp, using unique Biome Blends specifically formulated for esmi.

Scientifically researched to support the microbiome of the scalp.

This unique blend contains probiotic lysates that boost the good bacteria to target your hair concerns, giving you effective and long-lasting results.

Think of it like the esmi skincare you know and love, for your hair. 

Why is the scalp microbiome so important?

When the scalp microbiome is unbalanced, you can experience hair loss or breakage, dandruff, irritation, dullness, frizz or even eczema. A damaged scalp microbiome can occur due to weather changes, hormone imbalances, diet, heat styling or by using hair products without skin-boosting ingredients.

What is a Biome Blend?

Our hair care formulations feature esmi’s unique Biome Blends to target your hair concerns. 

Our unique Biome Blends were specially formulated for the esmi haircare range and contain a collection of beneficial probiotic lysates, also known as good bacteria. A lysate is a concentrated dose of probiotics, and a more stable way to include all the benefits that come from probiotics.