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Skin Care Bundles

Skin Care Bundles

Our skin care bundles provide everything you need for glowing and healthy skin at a great price. Indulge in a customisable bundle or take a leap of faith with our hand-picked bundles, curated with care.

Skin Care Sets, Makeup Bundles & Gift Packs

Get your healthiest skin ever with a targeted skin care pack. The skin care bundles make having a great skin routine simple. Anti-ageing, acne, brightening or hydrating, you’ll find it all here!

Select from one of our expertly tailored skin packs that combine complimentary products to target your unique concerns. Or, combine your favourite products to create your perfect skin care set!

Our Bundles also make excellent skin care gift sets for someone who deserves a special treat. Pamper them with a selection of beautiful smelling, cruelty free skin products that will leave them feeling refreshed.

You can also browse our select range of Makeup Bundles that combine easy-wear mineral makeups with must-have, easy to use brushes and applicators to achieve a flawless look.

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We believe every person deserves to feel empowered, confident and experience good skin health. We're here to help answer any questions, and help you with your skin journey.

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The best skin care set for you will depend on your skin type and main skin concerns.

Skin is generally classified into one of 5 different skin types - normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination.

These categories help you understand why your skin looks, feels and behaves as it does and most importantly, choose the right skincare routine for your skin type.

When choosing a skin care set, look for bundles that include products that answer your skin concerns, eg. An oily and acne prone skin type will suit the esmi Acne Skin Solution Bundle.

At night your skin switches from defence mode into repair mode - combating any damage done during daylight hours. It does the heavy lifting of regenerating itself while you sleep.

The goal of your night routine is to support the skin’s natural rejuvenation process to boost results. The good news is that skin is also more receptive to products at night!

Some of the best ingredients to apply at night include retinol, peptides, and glycolic acid. Many spot and prescription products are also recommended for night time application.

Suggested Night time skin care routine:

1. Cleanse
Your night time face wash routine should include a double cleanse to remove all traces of makeup, excess oil, and dirt.

2. Apply Treatment Serum
Since your skin is in repair mode at night, apply any repairing, brightening or anti-ageing treatment serums in your night time skin care routine for optimum benefits.

3. Eye treatment
The skin around your eye area is delicate and prone to puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Include a separate eye treatment in your nighttime skincare routine to target this area to wake up with a refreshed eye area.

4. Apply a Moisturiser or facial oil
You need moisturiser for your day and night skincare routine but you can get away with a heavier formulation while you sleep. The best nighttime moisturiser and facial oils are rich in antioxidants, deeply hydrating and contain emollient ingredients to minimise trans epidermal water loss. Emollients contain lipids (fats) that help seal in moisture while softening and smoothing skin.

5. Mask
Your night face care routine is the perfect time to maximise the benefits of a face mask targeting specific skin concerns - especially ageing, dehydration, and dullness. If applying an overnight nighttime mask, skip the facial oil and make it the final step in your routine.

Have questions about the day and night skincare routine right for your skin type? Book a free consultation with an esmi Skin Minerals Consultant. The team at esmi are always here to support you on your skin journey.

Creating a skincare routine that works for you starts by knowing your skin type. This gives you a good understanding of why your skin looks, feels and behaves as it does.
Most importantly, you’ll know how to choose the right skincare routine for your skin type.
Skin is generally classified into one of 5 different skin types - normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination.

Next, you need to understand the specific skin concerns you’d like to address - hyperpigmentation, signs of ageing, acne, dehydration, dryness, dullness, etc.
Some of these may link closely to your skin type; for example, oily skin is usually more prone to breakouts. Other concerns like hyperpigmentation, dehydration, and signs of ageing occur in all skin types.
Knowing the specific concerns you want to treat means you can assemble a skincare routine with active ingredients to target them.

The skincare products and order to apply them for a basic routine include:

Daily treatments
Serum (hydration)
Sun protection (Morning only)

Weekly treatments
Exfoliation (after cleansing)
Deep masking treatment (after cleansing)

Your journey to glowing skin is all about taking a holistic approach to skin care. What you eat, drink, the skincare products you use and lifestyle factors all contribute to a glowing skin routine.

Our top tips to get glowing skin include:
- Cleansing with a gentle and nourishing cleanser AM and PM
- Hydrated skin is glowing skin. Boost hydration with skincare and diet
- Moisturise: Lock in hydration and antioxidant support with a facial oil or moisturiser
- Using SPF 30+ daily is important to slow signs of ageing and dullness
- Treat your skin weekly! Exfoliate dead skin cells away and apply a face mask for the ultimate self-care experience.

We created the SkinTrients skin supplements to support your esmi skincare routine for maximum results from the inside out. Understanding that good skin is thanks to whole body care is the secret to the best skin of your life.

For a range of ingredients, your skin will see different benefits when applied topically, versus being consumed. For some ingredients, their effectiveness also increases when ingested. This is especially true thanks to the millions of probiotics that are in each skin supplement capsule, that help your body absorb the vitamins and minerals.

Our SkinTrients products are formulated to target specific skin concerns and work hand in hand with your favourite esmi skincare range. We’ve also created bundles, so you can shop SkinTrients with your go-to skincare products at a discount - handy, right?

Here’s your simple guide to bundling skin supplements with esmi topical products:

The Skin Rebuild supplement pairs perfectly with the anti-ageing skin care products.

The Dry Skin Saver capsules work really well with the dry skin range.

Inner Detox and the congested skin products make an amazing combination.

The Defence Antioxidant supplement was formulated to work in unison with brightening skincare.

The Hydration Saver gives your skin the ultimate drink of water with hydrating products.

Restoring Green and the acne or anti-redness products keep inflammation away.

Give your skin a boost of probiotics with the Probiotic Fighter supplement and our Mylck range.

Having said that, you can take multiple SkinTrients capsules at one time to really reap the gorgeous skin benefits. Basically, they take your skincare to the next level.

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