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6 reasons we love cruelty free makeup

6 Reasons We Love Cruelty-Free Makeup

Make the switch to cruelty free makeup and turn up the do good, feel good factor of your beauty routine. Check out 6 major benefits of using cosmetics that are kinder to animals. 

What is cruelty free makeup?

A beauty product is cruelty free if it hasn’t been tested on animals at any stage during the production including supply chain – formulas, and finished products.

6 reasons we love cruelty free makeup 

The big benefits of choosing cruelty free beauty. It’s SO worth making the switch.

#1 Choosing cruelty-free can help end the suffering of lab animals

Doing our bit to help end the suffering of gentle animals in the name of beauty is unsurprisingly the #1 reason we love cruelty free makeup!

Animal testing is an ugly, ugly thing.

It’s still a big part of the beauty industry - a part that many brands don’t want you to know about.

What goes on behind closed lab doors to animals including mice, dogs, cats, and rabbits during cosmetic testing is seriously torturous stuff.

When you choose cruelty-free makeup, you know no animals have been hurt in the name of a plumper pout or gorgeous brows.

There are a bunch of alternative methods to animal testing and guess what, they can actually be more effective. Cruelty free cosmetics are tested using options like in-vitro method, or on people who volunteer to trial ingredients.

When coming up with their latest and greatest product formulations, brands also have their pick of literally thousands of ingredients already approved as safe for human use. So stick to the safe stuff!

#2 You get to vote with your dollars

You might be thinking...

“What difference could choosing cruelty free makeup actually make?”

The truth is a real difference. One by one those products add up to thousands, then millions, across the globe.

Buying cruelty free makeup and avoiding products that have been tested on animals is like casting a vote for the lives of our lab bound animal friends.

With enough votes, the beauty industry will have to listen and up its game when it comes to the ethical production of products.

Cruelty free makeup can lead to more mindful beauty practices

Becoming more aware of how cruelty free makeup is made can have an impact on other areas of your beauty routine too.

We bet you’ll begin to give more thought to other products. You might start learning about other unethical beauty practices and toxic ingredients, too.

It’s like a domino effect of mindfulness!

#4 You can share your choice to help spread the word

Learning more about how products are made empowers you to share the reasons why you chose cruelty free makeup.

Spreading awareness may help encourage friends to make different decisions about their makeup products too.


#5 You wear your values

Choosing cruelty free makeup means you’re literally wearing your ethical values. Your beauty routine is reflecting your compassion and care for creatures great and small.

You boost your feel-good factor knowing you’ve made a choice to support a world that's safer for our animal friends.

#6 You don’t have to sacrifice quality

Cruelty free mascara, lip gloss, foundation, brow powder, lipstick, and pretty much every other cosmetic beauty product are now offered by cruelty free brands.

Making a choice kinder to animals doesn’t mean your best looks are off-limits.

Want to see cruelty free makeup results? Take a peek at PONi products in action. Glowy, gorgeous, and bold - cruelty free cosmetics don’t disappoint.

Those are some big benefits right there. If you’re convinced it’s time to make the switch (hooray!) it isn’t as tricky as you think.

Want to make the switch to cruelty free beauty?

We suggest making the transition one product at a time.

This cuts the overwhelm and expense of trying to update your beauty stash in one hit.

First, check what cruelty free products you already own - chances are you already use and love some cruelty free products. (PONi fans - we’re looking at you!)

Products that aren’t cruelty free? Each time you finish one choose a cruelty free option to replace it.

That bold red lipstick you love? Search for its equal in a cruelty free range. Making small changes reduces overwhelm.

It’s also really wasteful to bin half-used products because they’re made by an animal testing brand. Use it up then make the swap!

We hope the benefits of cruelty free makeup inspire you to make choices that stack up to real change for our sweet animal friends.

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