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Discover our beloved range of eyebrow makeup products including eyebrow pencils, gels, powders and highlighters. The best eyebrow products for perfect brows.

The Best Eyebrow Makeup Products

Get perfect brows with a range of brow products and kits. Our brow kits make great eyebrows simple - brow gels, eyebrow pencils, eyebrow creams - you’ll find it all here!

Our eyebrow makeup and brow kits are designed for easy use so you can achieve your dream brows easily. Wondering where to start for perfect brows? Improve your eyebrow game with these expert tips for mastering any brow look.

Eyebrow Makeup Techniques & Tricks!

Leverage your eyebrow makeup kit for the best possible results by following these top tips:

1. Apply eyebrow makeup to match your face shape.
The perfect brows have to work with your own face shape. For a round face, aim for a high arch to open up your face. Square faces should opt for a curved brow. Heart shaped faces look fantastic with a lower arch. And for an oval face shape, aim for a full, softly angled brow.

2. Brush your brows upwards.
This will help to add texture and fullness.

3. Choose the right shade.
Aim for the same shade as your hairs or a little bit darker.

For more brow tips, check out our Ultimate Cheat Sheet.

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Choosing the eyebrow makeup to suit you best will depend on the brow look you're wanting to achieve.

- Eyebrow Pencils are great for everyday use and will give the most natural look. Eyebrow pencils are also perfect if you regularly have your eyebrows tinted and only need to fill a few sections in as the fine tip mimics the natural hair follicle.
- Eyebrow creme offers a more colour concentrated result than pencil. It’s perfect for filling in sparse patches and the texture helps set hairs into a smooth arch. PONi's Mane Stain Brow Creme also has the benefit of being waterproof so will stay put when swimming, sweating or dancing in the rain!
- Eyebrow Powder delivers a fuller, more voluminous result and can take you from natural, to ombré and even a super bold brows for maximum impact.

Once you've chosen the type of 'eyebrow filling' product you would like, we recommend using finishing products like Zebra Clear Brow Gel and Brow Pop Concealer/Highlighter to really complete your best eyebrow look.

When choosing an eyebrow kit or bundle, it's best to first find the eyebrow filling product you prefer and then select a bundle that includes that eyebrow product as it will include the accessories and finishing products that will work best with that filling product and give you the best eyebrow look.

Our eyebrow bundles are GREAT value and have been carefully designed to bundle products that work best when used together.

Like most makeup, the eyebrow makeup you use is based on personal preference. However eyebrow pencils are very popular for everyday use as they are super quick to use and deliver a natural eyebrow look.

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