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Why is Self-Care Important?

When it comes to creating a self-care routine, we can often be stuck on the pampering side of self-care — think long baths and extravagant pedicures. But, as the esmi Skin Specialists know, self-care can happen in the everyday and shouldn’t be a treat for when you feel most burnt out.

But, why is self-care important? We know it can be easy to let self-care become your lowest priority and sometimes life can get the best of us. We can forget how important self-care is to nurture our physical and emotional health. Keeping this front of mind is essential for overall wellbeing, and With R U OK? Day approaching, the esmi team wants to share some of our favourite self-care suggestions so you can take some time out for you!

Put your body first

Self-care can be seen as indulgent and selfish, but esmi acknowledges that putting yourself first is essential for physical health. Putting your body first can differ for everybody! Some people love to cuddle up and relax, others might find that moving their body makes them feel best. You may also find you love a bit of both — yoga and matcha anyone? Whatever it is, figuring out what makes your body happy can be a game changer for your self-care routine.

Skincare as self-care

Once you have relaxed or pumped out a killer sweat sesh, taking care of your skin should be the next step! We may sound biased (and we are) but the stress and busyness of life can impact your skin by causing breakouts, dryness, under-eye circles or serious skin issues to flare up like eczema. Using skincare as self-care on a regular basis will help reduce and repair these skin reactions. So, why not incorporate skincare into a daily self-care ritual? Taking some time before work or after your nightly shower to slow down and apply your skincare intentionally is a great way to relax and one that the esmi team stands by.

If you’re unsure what a self-care skin routine should look like try to incorporate products that are gentle on the skin, tailored to your skin type, and make you feel a little luxurious. Remember skincare should be an enjoyable experience and one that allows you to feel nurtured from the outside!

Treat yourself or someone else!

Self-care for your body and skin is important, but what about the small joys in life? Treating yourself to a colourful lipstick, some beautiful flowers, or a delicious coffee is a great way to add a bit of joy throughout the day.

Surprising someone else with something special can also be a great way to make their day and boost your mood with some all-important serotonin. Now, we wouldn’t recommend this self-care tactic all time as it can get a little pricey, but when something is getting you down it isn’t a crime to simply treat yourself and others!

Curate your space

Clearing your space of clutter can be a game changer for your mental clarity. We’ve all been guilty of leaving a mess in the house due to a hectic week (especially the esmi team!) but taking time to clean and curate your space can positively affect your emotional wellbeing.

You can even take it a step further and add self-care items to your clean space. Maybe a comfy robe, a relaxing essential oil or even a moisturising lip balm. Adding these items to your space can make you feel at ease and ready to love your calming self-care routine.

Plan something to look forward to

Looking forward to dinner with friends or an exciting holiday can make all the difference when managing any worries. Having something to look forward to can put current struggles into perspective and allow joy into your life when you need it most.

Planning these events could even be a form of self-care! Creating a future for yourself that you know will spark happiness can do wonders for your day-to-day mental health and is something we encourage our esmi community to do regularly.

Ask for help and accept it when offered

All too often we perform our own self-care and neglect the help around us. But the truth is when we need the most self-care it can be wise to ask for help and actually accept it. It is also a great idea (when you’re feeling good) to ask others if they need help also and assist where you can!

R U OK? Day is happening on September 8th and esmi stands by the organisation's purpose to encourage others to stay connected and converse with each other when times get tough. Support R U OK? Day here and learn how you can make a difference to someone who is struggling.