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Sun-Kissed Solutions: Navigating Summer Skin Woes

Sun-Kissed Solutions: Navigating Summer Skin Woes

We always talk about how the winter months affect our skin, but we all know that the summer months can take their toll on our skin too! Increased heat and humidity, sun exposure and outdoor activities comes with concerns of redness, increased breakouts or clogging of the skin, dehydration and pigmentation.

Let's take a deeper dive into some of these concerns and how we can manage these.


During the summer months your skin may require more hydration and nourishment.

Some of the common indicators of skin dehydration include: 

  • Tightness
  • Rough texture
  • Dull appearance 
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Irritation
  • Flakiness/peeling
  • Decreased elasticity 
  • Increased oiliness

Causes of dehydration in summer include:

  • Sunburned skin / overexposure to UV
  • Increased time in pools / chlorine 
  • Increased time spent in air conditioning

Our Skin Service team suggest these products to combat signs of dehydration: 

Breakouts & clogged pores 

Increased oil production and sweating are an acne-prone skin's worst nightmare. Humidity slows down the evaporation of water on the skin's surface which can lead the skin feeling oilier. The heavy use of zinc or SPF can also contribute to pore clogging also.

Some great suggestions for concerns of breakouts/clogging:

Sunburn & redness

The risk of sunburn is at its peak during summer as we spend more time in the direct sunlight. You should make sure the skin is sun-protected - every single day, rain, hail or shine! The rule is that you should reapply every 2 hours and at least 15 minutes before leaving the house. Research estimates that 80% of premature ageing is caused by UV damage. Prevention is always better than a cure in this case! 

Some great suggestions for concerns of sunburn and after sun care:

Skincare changes 

With the transition from summer to winter, it's crucial to take a evaluate your skincare routine and change things accordingly. If you're not sure about what to adjust or want a full overhaul, you can chat to our Skin Service team or book a skin consultation with them to get the right products matched to your skin type. 

Here are a few general tips they recommend over this period of time: 

  • Limit your use of retinol with sun exposure 
  • Switch to a more lightweight moisturising option
  • Opt for nourishing moisturisers and oils in the evening instead of the morning
  • Include Vitamin C (for antioxidant protection) in your morning routine
  • Increase exfoliation and mask use in the summer months - give the skin a little more TLC! 
  • Introduce the Skin Snack for regular hydration throughout the day (and to cool you down!)