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Pout & Protect: Unveiling the Sun Skills SPF 50+ Lip Balms!

In the quest for timeless, youthful skin and guarding against the ever-looming threat of skin cancer, we've all heard the age-old mantra: "Apply sunscreen daily". However, we often neglect a critical facet of sun protection - our delicate lips.

Ensuring the sun's harmful rays don't wreak havoc on your lips, it is just as vital as safeguarding the rest of your sun-exposed skin. That's where Sun Skills steps in with their latest trio of SPF 50+ Lip Balms, designed to make sun protection a breeze while pampering your lips.

Introducing these lip-saving heroes with an array of irresistible flavours and subtle tints, for an affordable $25 each or all three for $60 in the SPF Lip Balm Trio.

🍓 Sun Skills Lip Balm Berry SPF 50+

Infused with the essence of ripe berries, the sweet scent of Sun Skills Lip Balm Berry SPF 50+ will transport you to a summer-y paradise and add a subtle red tint to your lips.

🍦 Sun Skills Lip Balm Vanilla & Caramel SPF 50+

Treat your lips to the delicious scent of vanilla & caramel and a light tan tint, with the Sun Skills Lip Balm Vanilla & Caramel SPF 50+. Keeping your lips protected has never tasted so good.

🍃 Sun Skills Lip Balm Peppermint SPF 50+

For a more subtle, refreshing scent try Sun Skills Lip Balm SPF 50+ Peppermint. A slight nude tint, it adds a natural pop of colour to your beautifully protected lips.

These innovative Lip Balms combine the power of SPF protection with hydrating ingredients, all without the annoyance of a sticky texture. They ensure your lips stay soft, smooth, and well-guarded against the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Whether you're soaking up the sun at the beach or going about your daily routine, Sun Skills Lip Balm is the perfect companion, ensuring your lips remain supple and shielded from the elements. Embrace the synergy of sun protection and lip care, it's a match made in sunny heaven.

Free from silicones, sulphates, parabens - always cruelty free. Australian made with SPF 50+ for broad spectrum protection.