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My Pregnancy Journey with esmi Skin Minerals

My Pregnancy Journey with esmi Skin Minerals

It is currently 4.30am.

And my calf muscles know it’s... CRAMPING TIME! #ouch


Every time I try to move, it triggers my toes to curl under like they’re giving someone traffic directions or trying to detach themselves from my body.

So naturally, I continue to toss and turn.

Drinking water and putting salt on my tongue (yes, it actually works!)


Wait, what is that?!

Oh good, it triggered the reflux!



I then FINALLY manage to muster up enough energy to climb over my charming pregnancy pillow and get my giant belly out of bed to go downstairs.

I figured anything has to be better than lying here waiting for the next set of traffic directions to be handed out.


Oh pregnancy, isn’t she lovely!

One minute you’re being told ‘you’re a glowing goddess’, the next you’re being compared to a humpback whale.

It’s a cute time, isn’t it?

It’s the most beautiful gift, and experience but at the same time - the most challenging on the mind and body!

If you’re anything like me, your skin can also do some WEIRD and not so wonderful things throughout the pregnancy journey.


Dry itchy skin. Puberty style breakouts (in places you didn’t think were possible). Heat rash. Pigmentation. Stretch marks.


Shall I go on?!

For me personally, each trimester brought with it, a new set of skin concerns.

But being able to chat with one of the skincare service team at Esmi Skin Minerals to help guide me along the way, was a game-changer.

They assisted me in finding products that would help my skin throughout each new pregnancy skin concern.


First Trimester

My first trimester included a lot of acne breakouts on my face, decolletage, shoulders, and back #againnotsocute.

Which really wasn’t a battle I wanted to fight while also battling the all-day sickness too.

Now I’ll admit - the hashbrowns, cheeseburgers, and ‘fruit drinks’ (aka, sugar water) I was inhaling throughout those first few months, along with the inability to drink water was likely not helping my skin avoid breakouts!


But what even are veggies during those first few months right?!


So, after my chat with the skin service team, the idea was to pair it back with regard to my face, back to basics and just give it a good dose of probiotics by using the Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Anti-Redness.

This let my skin ride out the first trimester, the change in hormones, and change of diet, stage of the pregnancy, without having to add or subtract too many different products from my current skincare routine.

It’s a lightweight moisturising lotion that is formulated with 100% Australian-made probiotics and anti-inflammatories to help cool flushing flare-ups and strengthen hypersensitive skin.


I also started showing REEAALL early!

So the skin on my stomach showed signs of stretching straight away, and I knew from my last pregnancy, that it needed moisture from the get-go.

How do you get a good dose of moisture in?



I began using the 24K Gold Nourishing Oil directly on my stretch marks/tummy area where I was beginning to show and it not only helped the stretched skin stay moisturised, but made it feel more comfortable in the process.

This oil boost skin elasticity, stimulates collagen production, and improves blood circulation which was all desperately needed!


Second Trimester

I am thankful that towards the middle of my second trimester, my acne breakouts on my face and body began to subside (hallelujah!)

So I reintroduced my nightly 24k Gold Nourishing Oil into my face skin care routine, to help hydrate my skin overnight.

I also reintroduced my OG skincare friend, the Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum into my morning skin care routine to create a solid base for my foundation for my makeup application, which I was now able to do, feeling well enough to leave the house!

All the while, I was continuing to grow at a RAPID rate in the belly department, so ‘oiling up’ became quite the ritual!

Note! I did find that my skin became quite dry towards the end of the second trimester, approaching the third - so I made sure to always apply body oil, moisturiser, or body butter whenever I got out of the water (after showers, swimming, etc)


Another thing that happens is hyper sensitivity to the sun!

Being an avid, daily sunscreen wearer, I had that covered.

But I learned the hard way with the skin on my body.

We had set up down at the beach for the day, I had applied sunscreen on my tummy thinking that would last me the day.

Alas, NO.

My tummy looked like it had been dipped in tomato sauce #stillreallynotcute

And then proceeded to become EXTREMELY itchy!

So safe to say, lesson learned. Apply your sunscreen kids!

I actually found the Skin Shield Natural Sunscreen with SPF30 that I use on my face daily, perfect for my belly too as it’s gentle on sensitive skin!


Third Trimester

We made it!

Now that I’m in my third trimester, the rule is pretty much… GIVE ME ALL THE STUFF!

I need moisture, probiotics, sun protection, anti-inflammatory.

You name it, my skin is READY for it.

It can be hard at this point in the pregnancy to stay diligent in applying skin care as a lot of the time you’re struggling just to put your shoes on!

But it’s also a really important time to do so as your body does its final leg of the journey and your belly stretches to its limits!


I’ve recently added the use of the Refreshing and Hydrating Skin Snack facial mist throughout the day to keep up hydration, especially considering how hot it’s been.

And as I’m spending a lot more days makeup-free, I usually just add on my 24k Gold Nourishing Oil to the end of my morning skin care routine to give my skin a subtle, fresh glow for the day.


How can I find what I need?

If you’re pregnant and want to find some skincare products that will help assist with your current skin concerns - get in touch with our Skin Service Team for your FREE skin consultation and find the perfect products for your skin!

Isn’t it amazing what a woman’s body can do?

You’re growing LIFE.

Make sure you look after YOU, in the process.


My Pregnancy Journey with esmi Skin Minerals