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Why You Need Probiotics for Your Hair

Why You Need Probiotics for Your Hair

Here at esmi, skincare is pretty important to us (duh). That’s why we spend endless hours researching and formulating to give you products that are going to actually work, not just mask the issue. It’s also why we know skincare doesn’t end at the hairline. So, when it came to creating our hair care products, we took a skin-first approach.

Our entire skin is a microbiome, in other words, a community of bacteria. But before you get all freaked out, a lot of that bacteria helps our skin stay healthy. The microbiome is responsible for keeping the balance between good and bad bacteria, which is why if it becomes compromised, you’ll likely start to see some skin, and in this case, hair issues arise.

Why is a Healthy Microbiome Important?

A compromised microbiome (whether it is on your body, face or scalp) can arise from a range of factors, like UV exposure, harsh chemicals (especially in skincare and haircare products), stress and diet. When your scalp microbiome becomes damaged or unbalanced (meaning there is more bad bacteria than good), you will start to notice dehydrated, dull, oily, dry or weak hair. Anyone else having an “aha” moment right now?

Keeping your microbiome healthy and balanced is going to give you the hair of your dreams and that’s where we come in!

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What is Special About Haircare by esmi?

All of our products are heavily scientifically-researched to guarantee you get the best results - no room for guessing here. That’s why for this range, we collaborated with BiomeCentric to create custom (and totally unique to us) Biome Blends. “What on earth is a Biome Blend?” Excellent question.

Our haircare products contain specific blends of beneficial probiotic lysates, one for each hair concern. A lysate is a concentrated dose of probiotics, and is a more stable way to deliver all the sweet, sweet benefits that come from probiotics. By balancing the scalp microbiome with probiotics, we create the ideal environment for hair to thrive.

When we wash our hair, the products we use are absorbed by the skin on our scalp, so you want to be sure they are nourishing, gentle and will effectively target your hair woes for a healthier scalp and hair follicles.

Just remember: a balanced microbiome means a healthier scalp, giving you lush, strong, nourished and shiny hair. It’s a no-brainer, really!

What Else is in Our Haircare Products?

Along with our trademarked Biome Blends of probiotics, you’ll find some of your favourite skincare ingredients in our haircare. Remember, skin doesn’t end at the hairline so it only made sense for us to feature some hero skincare ingredients.

You’ll recognise star players like coconut oil in our Dry Hair Shampoo and Dry Hair Conditioner, peppermint extract in the Oily Hair Shampoo and Oily Hair Conditioner and green tea extract in our strengthening shampoo and conditioner, just to name a few.

The combination of skincare ingredients and the Biome Blend probiotics is going to give you long-lasting results that don’t simply mask the problem, but actively target the issue. Did someone say hair goals?

ingredients for a healthy scalp

Which Product is Right For You?

We have five formulations of both shampoo and conditioner to treat whatever hair concern you might be experiencing.

Since our hair products take a skin-first approach (we know we keep going on about it, but it’s important!), when choosing your products consider your scalp concerns. If you have dandruff, it is likely a sign you have an oily scalp. If you have dry hair, all roads lead to a dry scalp, meaning you should definitely try out our Dry Hair Shampoo and Conditioner.

The best part? You can always mix and match to send a couple of hair concerns packing.

Haircare by esmi is biome friendly, clean, vegan, scientifically-backed and takes a skin-first approach to give you long lasting results. We could be a little biassed, but we think they are pretty incredible!

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