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How to Get Glazed Donut Skin IRL

How to Get Glazed Donut Skin IRL

You may have heard the term ‘glazed donut’ skin floating around the beauty sphere. Hailey Bieber (aka the queen of trendsetting) coined glazed donut skin as she shows her natural beauty through a strategic hydrating skincare regime.  

The esmi team loves a good trend, and glazed donut skin is no exception. And, we know you don’t need to jump on every trend you see. However, if you’re wanting glowing, glassy, glistening skin from the moment you wake up in the morning, the glazed donut trend is for you! 

What is Glazed Donut Skin? 

The phenomenon of glazed donut skin involves actively nourishing and moisturising the skin before bed, so when you wake up your face is as glistening as, well, a glazed donut! As the trend name suggests, the ‘glaze’ part of this routine is to hydrate and protect your natural skin barrier, ensuring that you can emerge from a deep sleep with your skin looking its best.    

How To Get Glazed Donut Skin: Our Top 3 Tips 

But, how do you get glazed donut skin? Well, any skincare junky will most likely have the products already present in their skincare collection — it’s just a matter of knowing when and how to apply.  

Here are our 3 top tips for ensuring you can get glazed donut skin every night to live your Hailey Bieber dreams!  

Begin with a Calm Cleanse 

A good cleanse is the first step in your glazed donut skin routine. Double cleansing might also be useful to draw out any makeup, sunscreen or sweat that is still on your face. The trick is to use a gentle cleanser that is specific to your skin type and not to rub your skin too harshly — this will help avoid unbalancing the skin barrier.  

esmi’s cleansers are all formulated with balanced and calming properties to ensure the healthiest skin possible when single or double cleansing. This is the perfect way to begin your glazed donut skincare routine.  

If you need to go deeper an exfoliant might also help, but only if you have inflamed skin that is prone to breakouts. Using an exfoliant will help to clear dead skin cells, making way for the hydration products to work their magic on your natural skin barrier.  

Our Gentle-Foliants have no harsh or stripping ingredients, so if you need an extra layer of cleansing to obtain glazed donut skin, these will be your best friend.  

Prioritise Active Hydration 

Serums and oils — any of these products can be used on their own and as a hydrating power to ensure once your skin is cleansed (and cleansed well) the skin barrier will be hydrated to the max!  

To ensure you get that dewy, glazed donut skin look use a hydrating serum or oil on damp skin that’s not fully dry. This allows the hydrating product to get into the pores of your skin and lock in that moisture.  

What products are best to use for this step? At esmi we have a few that are guaranteed to get that glazed look. They include: 

Lock in Moisture For Your Skin & Lips 

Now, this is when the glazed donut look starts to get glowing! Once you have cleansed and added active moisture to your skin barrier the next step is to lock it all in.  

Choosing a moisturiser specifically for your skin type will not only nourish and hydrate but ensure your skin concerns are being treated at the same time. Our Hydra-Fluid Moisturisers are perfect for this step — especially if you have oily skin! This weightless formula easily absorbs into the skin barrier and calms skin which is perfect when going to bed. Or, if your skin is looking a little dry, look no further than our Nourishing Moisturisers! Available for sensitive skin, brightening, firming and nourishing to aid in helping a multituse of skin concerns.  

For a full-face glazed look, we recommend this step for your lips also! And, we hate to say it but the chapstick you’ve been carrying around for 2 years won’t do the trick. esmi’s Hydrating Lip Balm is exactly what it sounds like! Packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that will create a natural lip shine (hello donut glaze).  

If that’s not already enough and you want to up your glazed donut skin game and spritz of our Skin Snack Face Mist will be your final step. Not only is this mist hydrating, but it also refreshes your skin, ensuring you feel clean and comfortable before a good night’s rest.  

Jumping on the Glazed Donut Skin Trend  

It’s fair to say that the glazed donut skin trend isn’t going anywhere — especially when hydration is key to a successful skincare routine. Hailey Bieber was onto something when she unveiled her glowing, natural skin to the world and boy does the esmi team like it! 

Want to know more about how to get glazed donut skin? Speak to our skin specialists for extra product recommendations and tips.

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