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Get the Most Out of Your Skin Consultation

Get the Most Out of Your Skin Consultation

Did you know we have a team of skin care experts standing by to help you navigate the tricky world of skincare with a virtual skin care consultation? It’s true!  

Our skin care consultants are qualified beauty therapists so you know they know all things skin. We also believe that expert skin care advice should be accessible to everyone, that’s why our consultations are completely free!  

On board yet? Thought so. No matter what you are looking to get out of your session, here are some tips on how to make the most out of your online skin care consultation.  

How to Prepare  

The best thing to do before your online skin care consultation is to take a minute to figure out your skin goals. Whether it is clearing up acne, plumping fine lines, kicking dryness to the curb or finding your glow, it is entirely up to you. Your skin care consultant is here to make your skin dreams come true, kind of like a fairy godmother with hyaluronic acid! 

Before your online skin care consultation, take some photos of your skin in bright, natural light, without makeup. That is the best way for our skin consultants to see where your skin is at and how they can help you. The more recent the photos, the better.  

If you have a record of any products or ingredients that have or haven’t worked for you in the past, even better. This is especially important if you have experienced any reactions or irritations because of course, we’re going to avoid those nasties.  

As with most things in life, honesty is the best policy (except maybe when your PT asks how many doughnuts you’ve eaten this week). Whether you have a 10-step skincare routine or simply use soap, being transparent when sharing your current routine with us during your skin care consultation is going to help us guide you. It will ensure we know whether to set you up with the basics, or just add the icing on the cake to your routine.  

This also means being honest with us about your lifestyle, because that can absolutely affect our recommendations. That includes your diet, stress levels, sleep, your physical environment and whether you’re pregnant. We’re totally not here to judge, knowing these things just gives us a clearer picture of your skin health.  

Other Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Skin Care Consultation 

Another one of those life virtues that applies here is patience. It is our mission to deliver some incredible results, but in most cases, it will take time. It can sometimes take a couple of months of consistent product use to see results. After all, Rome (or stunning skin) wasn’t built in a day. Our skin consultants are trained beauty therapists and won’t lead you astray. So unless you are having an adverse reaction to a product (in which case, put it down ASAP), we ask that you trust us, and stick with it. 

You can come to us for a virtual skin care consultation at any point during your skincare journey. If you are a complete newbie (hey, welcome!), if you count yourself as a bit of a skincare pro but just need some pointers, or if your skin has recently changed (new mums, you get it), you’re more than welcome! We are going to treat your skin with kindness no matter where you’re up to. 

The most important thing to remember is that we’re here to help so don’t be afraid! We know it can seem a little intimidating and hey, skin is a pretty personal thing, but we have truly seen it all. Imparting our knowledge and giving you the gift of the best skin of your life is why we do what we do. The excited messages from people who have transformed their skin bring the biggest smiles to our faces.   

Ready to reach your skin goals? Head online to start your online skin care consultation today!