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Five Products To Lighten & Brighten Pigmentation

We’re so excited you’ve brought balancing and brightening products that will have you turning your back on pigmentation! Stick your new pigmentation skincare routine on your bathroom mirror and follow along daily from Monday through Sunday for beautifully radiant skin in no time. 

But first, let’s take a deep dive into why your skin might be pigmented and what lightning products could complement your skincare ritual. 

What is pigmentation caused by?

Pigmentation is caused by the overproduction of melanin, the natural pigment that gives our skin its colour. Too much melanin can cause dark spots or patches on your skin that vary in size and develop anywhere on the body.

After repeated sun exposure, sun and age spots appear on your hands and face. While freckles seem cute on the Jenner sisters, they’re actually small spots of concentrated melanin that form when our skin is exposed to UVB radiation. This is because UV rays trigger melanin production to defend your skin from damage, which is what gives you a tan. 

Pigmentation can also be caused by hormonal changes and may develop during pregnancy, sigh. This is known as melasma which is the formation of dark and discoloured patches that commonly appears on the stomach and face. It’s all thanks to melanocyte cells being stimulated by oestrogen and progesterone which encourages the skin to produce excess melanin.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can occur when there’s been trauma to the skin, like acne or eczema, that disrupts the epidermis. This causes melanocytes to produce melanin that can leak down and become trapped in the deeper layers of your skin. The result is pigmentation that is deeper and more resistant to treatment, leaving behind dark spots after the skin has healed. 

How to reduce pigmentation

To reduce pigmentation, you need to add antioxidants and natural skin lighteners like rich Vitamin C to your beauty routine. It’s one of the best treatments for pigmentation on your face with its ability to help lighten existing colour and scarring. Because we can’t produce Vitamin C on our own, adding it to your beauty routine helps with the growth and repair of tissues without leaving your skin’s barrier compromised. With radiance-boosting properties, you’ll be following Rihanna and shining bright like a diamond in no time. 

Another secret to boosting cell turnover and restoring your skin’s lipid barrier is to moisturise, sounds simple right? It is when you choose emsi’s Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Brightening to illuminate sensitive and troubled skin. This lightweight moisturising lotion is made with the probiotic Lysates which helps create an ideal environment for your skin to thrive when compromised by outside elements and bad bacteria. Added Kakadu plum extract also lends its natural skin-brightening powers to target dull skin and hyperpigmentation while ethyl ascorbic acid, a non-irritating Vitamin C derivative, brightens and boosts collagen synthesis. 

Skip baking on the beach this summer because we’ve got news, heat and sun exposure will actually darken pigmentation! It’s also no secret that using brightening actives can make your skin more sun sensitive while free radicals from UV rays can damage your skin’s barrier. Our skin often makes excess pigment faster than we can remove it, so we’ve got to protect our skin to prevent it from returning so quickly. Applying an enriching sunscreen helps lock in moisture by creating a physical barrier on top of the skin. Our silky Skin Shield SPF 30 Sunscreen is perfect for layering under makeup with a non-greasy formula that includes hydrating hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract which is rich in vitamin c to deliver an antioxidant boost. Let’s look on the bright side here, some dark areas may even fade on their own with good sun protection so hit buy on that cute beach umbrella you’ve been eyeing up! 

Is pigmentation permanent?

Pigmentation can be quite a personal concern to treat so results will vary depending on the type of pigmentation and severity. They say good things take time so have some patience as the right skincare routine can strengthen your skin while diminishing the appearance of pigmentation and scarring for a clearer complexion. 

The best ingredients for pigmentation

To combat pigmentation, you need strengthening and vitamin-rich ingredients that keep your complexion bright and balanced so your skin can naturally lighten while retaining oils and moisture. 

Niacinamide (B3) for pigmentation

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that is an important antioxidant for cell repair and guarding against moisture loss and dehydration. It reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, blotchiness and redness with anti-inflammatory properties that benefit acne or rosacea. It can also protect your skin from infrared and UV light by removing all the damaging free radical molecules created by the environment, excuse us while we apply this B3 beauty before going outside! 

Kakadu plum for pigmentation

Kakadu plum is believed to be the world’s most potent source of natural vitamin c, move over oranges! This makes it an excellent ingredient to help diminish the appearance of dark spots, improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This beautifully natural ingredient also contains other beneficial vitamins such as zinc and vitamin e which work together with vitamin c to lighten skin, even out skin tone and renew the complexion. 

Liquorice for pigmentation

Okay we know liquorice is delicious, especially the strawberry kind, but it’s also great for brightening post-inflammatory pigmentation from breakouts! While the sugary kind you eat won’t help your skin, natural extracts have powerful antioxidants and high anti-pigmentation properties that interfere with your skin's production of melanin. By supporting your skin’s resistance to harmful UV rays, it effectively prevents any further brown pigment from forming. 

What is the best treatment for pigmentation? 

This is where we come in, a great pigmentation treatment at home helps minimise dark patches and promotes an even skin tone. Whether you’re treating discolouration or trying to prevent new pigmentation from appearing, start your daily ritual with these naturally brightening products for a radiant and clear complexion. 

Pomegranate Brightening Serum

Looking for a product with a Kakadu plum pick-me-up? Our Pomegranate Brightening Serum is a potent brightening, anti-pigmentation gel with powerful melanin inhibitors and skin-lightening ingredients. Infused with antioxidant Q10 spheres to energise and feed skin cells, it also contains liquorice for anti-inflammatory activity that’ll leave you with a fresh and youthful complexion! It’s ideal for most skin types to improve the look of pigmentation, sun damage, dull skin and enhance skin's clarity. 

Rose & Bamboo Gentle-Foliant 

Using an exfoliator on pigmented skin increases the rate of skin renewal, encouraging the hyperpigmented skin to be replaced by new skin cells. Stimulate cell turnover, boost hydration and clear dead skin cells by exfoliating with our lightweight Rose & Bamboo Gentle-Foliant. The renewing power of bamboo extract is an ancient beauty treatment that leaves skin soft and purified while enriching rose oil aids in calming and moisturising. It’s an added bonus that when the surface of your skin is smooth, the light effortlessly reflects off it so your skin tone appears more even. 

Encapsulated Retinol

We know retinol might sound scary but our milky Encapsulated Retinol 0.25% Level 1 is perfect if you’re new to it or just have sensitive skin. This product is formulated with 100% encapsulated retinol to increase skin cell turnover and stimulate collagen synthesis for a fresher, firmer complexion. Encapsulated retinol has enhanced bioavailability and stability which means the retinol is enclosed in tiny capsules, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin’s layers before being activated. Being derived from vitamin a with proven anti-aging, anti-acne and anti-dark mark properties, using topical retinoids helps lighten dark spots on your skin and regulate cell function. Avoid using retinol products in the morning as UV rays destabilise skincare ingredients and can increase your risk of sun sensitivity.  

Be patient with your beautiful skin as it adjusts to any new product, hyperpigmentation miracles don’t happen overnight. There’s no one size fits all solution for flawless skin but if you’re just getting started on your skincare journey, then brighten up with our Brighter Skin Solution Bundle.