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Ditch Dehydrated Skin For Dreamy & Dewy

Ditch Dehydrated Skin For Dreamy & Dewy

We’re so excited you’ve brought plumping and rehydrating products that will quench your dehydrated skin! Stick your new dehydration skincare routine on your bathroom mirror and follow along daily from Monday through Sunday to kiss thirsty skin goodbye! 

But first, let’s take a deep dive into why your skin might be dehydrated and what products could complement your skincare ritual. 

What does dehydrated skin look like?

Unlike dry skin, dehydrated skin is a temporary condition that may be triggered by diet (think salty foods and alcohol), not wearing moisturiser daily or your body losing more water than you’re drinking. 

Your skin might feel tight and uncomfortable while dark circles under your eyes and fine lines are more noticeable. Along with dullness, your skin may be more vulnerable to cracking which is an easy entry point for environmental stressors. You might also be experiencing an oily complexion and breakouts due to excess oil production over compromising for low water content, we know, confusing right?

Can your skin type change depending on the season?

When we think about skin types and the seasons, they’re usually impacted by temperature and humidity changes.

Winter can be known to cause your skin to dry out while the cold air tightens pores, minimises circulation and reduces sebum production. If you add hot showers and heaters to the mix, it’s no wonder it’s as dry as those dehydrated citrus slices we add to cocktails! The good thing is that the balmy spring and summer seasons bring their own natural humidifier which gives your thirsty skin an extra boost of water. 

How do you hydrate dehydrated skin? 

Right now, your skin is basically thirsty for a big drink so you need water-rich products that replenish your skin's water content and prevents excess moisture from evaporating. Having rehydrated skin helps protect your overall skin barrier health, improves skin texture and leaves you with a radiant base for makeup. 

Let’s start with how you’re caring for your body because we’ve got shifty eyes as we deliver this bad news. Our skin specialists recommend skipping those scolding hot showers, ouch! We know they feel like you’re escaping after a long day but they actually encourage water to flow out of your skin and evaporate which leads to dehydration. Why not bathe in lukewarm water instead, your beautiful skin will thank you for it and you might not run out of hot water so quickly.

Secondly, you should be staying away from harsh cleansers that strip the skin of its natural moisturising qualities and oils. Ditch any products that contain chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid or salicylic and reach for a gentle cleanser, like The Uncomplicated Cleanser. This creamy product carefully removes all traces of makeup and impurities while calming and protecting skin with aloe vera and Camilla leaf extract. Try to avoid over-cleansing your face as this will strip the skin of its natural microbiome, follow your new weekly skincare routine and stick to once in the morning and double cleansing at night.

After cleansing, gently pat your skin dry so it’s still dewy when you apply water-based serums and moisturisers. You should think of your face like a spongy beauty blender so it’s not soaking wet but freshly misted. Apply your hydrating products within a few minutes of cleansing, this helps them pull the water in so your skin can drink it! 

Can drinking water fix dehydrated skin? 

We know it’s an easy assumption that drinking water will keep your skin hydrated but just drinking water won’t cut it. Your skin's dehydration is impacted by your diet, lifestyle, environment and skincare routine. We always recommended drinking eight glasses of water daily but you’ll need to also up your hydration and moisturisation game for supple skin.

How do I hydrate skin from the inside? 

Replenishing your internal hydration is the first major step so start by adding water-rich and antioxidant-filled fruits and vegetables to your diet. Think crunchy celery, juicy watermelon and refreshing cucumber! Along with hydrating moisturisers and serums, these types of foods will increase the total water content of your body.

You might not realise it but our skin is actually an organ so nourishing omega-3 fatty acids will help your skin function properly while acting as a barrier from the outside environment, these can be found in salmon, nuts, seeds and olive oil. 

Try to avoid dehydrating food and drinks such as alcohol, excessive coffee and anything high in sugar and sodium as these can lead to an unwanted dull or sallow complexion.  

The best ingredients for dehydrated skin

At esmi, we believe the best hydrating skincare products are those that refresh and revitalise tired and lacklustre skin. That starts with learning how to nourish dehydrated skin with a combination of skincare products that contain naturally replenishing ingredients. When your skin is properly hydrated, it’s able to act as a natural barrier to any external or harsh elements while drawing water in and amplifying the effect of hydration. 

Look out for products with humectant ingredients that attract moisture from the air and the deep levels of your skin to the surface layer, keeping your skin barrier hydrated. Products like our Hylauronic Hydrating Serum relieve dehydrated skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Check hydrating products for occlusives as these moisturising ingredients form a protective barrier around the surface of your skin to minimise moisture evaporating. Using hydrating serums and oils that support and protect your skin’s barrier is crucial for dehydrated skin. These will physically block transepidermal water loss which is the process where water evaporates from the skin, pretty cool right? 

Any emollients in skin care products will help with skin barrier function, leading to an overall improvement in skin texture and appearance so you can actually say you woke up like this. 

What products are best for dehydrated skin?

This is where we come in, say hello to your new esmi skin treats and start your daily ritual off with these naturally hydrating products for a radiant and dewy complexion! 

Make SPF your BFF

It’s no secret that too much direct sunlight can cause dehydration while free radicals from UV rays can damage your skin’s barrier. Applying an enriching sunscreen helps lock in moisture by creating a physical barrier on top of the skin. Our silky Skin Shield SPF 30 Sunscreen is perfect for layering under makeup, with a non-greasy formula that includes hydrating hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract which is rich in vitamin c to deliver an antioxidant boost.

Buff the bad

Exfoliate weekly with humectant ingredients, like glycolic or lactic acid, that reduce the loss of moisture to remove dead skin cells that may build up on the surface of your face. Choose our lightweight Volcanic Sand Hydrating & Ageless Gentle Foliant with soothing vitamin e that repairs and softens skin. With a combination of sodium hyaluronate and ageless Icelandic volcanic sand, deep layers of your skin will be hydrated and awakened. It’s important to also make sure you have rest nights during the week to let your skin recover and reset, which means not using retinol or exfoliating! 

Snack like it’s late night

Rehydrate and refresh your skin throughout the day with our Skin Snack Facial Mist. It’s perfect for when you’re exposed to air conditioning, UV light, wind and weather. Follow after your daily makeup application to feed dehydrated skin with raspberry extract to protect cells from water loss and green tea extract to target signs of aging.

Be just like Bruno Mars

If you’re feeling dry, why not substitute your PM moisturiser for our 24K Gold Nourishing Oil? It’s 24K magic, just like Bruno Mars said! Formulated for dry skin types, it prevents moisture loss and addresses dryness, dehydration, ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. With jojoba seed oil to regulate oil flow, it absorbs quickly into the skin so you’re left feeling moisturised, plump and glowing. It’s best to finish your routine with to lock in, seal and create a protective barrier on the skin for maximum hydrating effects. 

If you’re just getting started on your skincare journey, why not quench dehydrated skin cells with our Hydration Skin Solution Bundle?