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Makeup: Expectations vs Reality

Makeup: Expectations vs Reality

Makeup is an art form. Whether you’re creating a bold or natural look, it takes practice to nail it. No matter how many YouTube tutorials or Pinterest boards you’ve stalked, sometimes the new look you try won’t exactly hit the mark. Here’s a few common makeup fails when it comes to expectations versus reality….. and their fixes!

The bold lip

Expectation: Bold, beautiful lips Reality: Bobo the clown


Always prep your lips first. Buff away any dry flaky skin with a tissue and apply lip balm. Leave enough time for the balm to absorb and blot excess away. Never apply lipstick straight on top of balm.

Don’t apply lip liner first. Apply lipstick with a brush, really working the colour in, then tidy the outer edges with liner.

Do blot your lips with a tissue then reapply the lip colour for a bold lip that lasts. Don’t underestimate the power of blotting!

Do use an angle brush to blend concealer around your lip line to ‘clean’ up any edges and colour bleeding.

Choosing the right lip colour

Knowing your skin’s undertone is key to choosing the right colours to meet your bold lip expectations. Orange based reds work well for warm coloured skin tones. For cool skin tones, opt for reds with a blue base for a truly flattering effect.

Winged eyeliner 

Expectation: The purrfect cat eye with a polished flick Reality: Uneven, sloppy wings 


Avoid applying eyeliner to a bare, unprepped eye. The liner will mix with the natural oils of your skin and smudge into your upper lid. Use an eyeshadow primer first followed by a translucent powder to set the area.

Shaky hands? The ‘tape’ technique is a foolproof way to create a wobble-free wing.

Use a small piece of scotch tape as a stencil and place it on the skin around the eye the eye where you’d like the wing to go. Then draw along the tape. Even if it’s a little wobbly, it will end up as a straight line once the tape is removed. Note to self: Avoid sticking the tape down hard, your eye area is delicate!

Don’t raise your eyebrow while applying winged eyeliner. You’ll only end up lining an area that will be hidden or creased once the eyebrow is relaxed. Result? An unflattering, droopy wing shape.

Choosing the right eyeliner

We LOVE eyeliner but choosing the right one isn’t always easy! For beginners, liquid eyeliners are a great option because the product is dispersed evenly across the eyes, easy to hold and they come in felt, sponge or brush tip.


Expectation: Beautifully defined, natural looking Reality: Harsh, fake looking


Don’t draw on your brows in a hard straight line. This look is super harsh. It’s better to feather the brows, make smaller, shorter strokes in the natural shape of your brow.

Avoid ‘squaring’ off your brows when filling them in. It doesn’t look natural. Instead, follow the shape of your brow.

Don’t brush your eyebrows downward, this drags the eye down. Brush them upwards to lift up the eye and the brow.

Try not to smother your brows in too much makeup. Allow your natural hairs to pop up, creating a more natural look. Using a tinted brow gel or a soft brow powder are great options to enhance your natural shape without flooding the brow with makeup.

Choosing the right brow colour

The colour of your brow makeup is so important. It can mean the difference between nailing a Cara Delevingne’esque look or a brows gone bad Pinterest board.

For natural looking but defined brows, if you have dark brown or black hair, select a colour one or two shades lighter. On the flip side, if you have blonde or light brown hair, opt for a colour one or two shades darker. Or, try our universal Brow Magic; one colour suits all!

When it’s hot outside

Expectation: A beautiful bronzed glow. Reality: A face that’s more slick than shimmer.


Do choose a non-greasy sunscreen to apply under makeup because….sunscreen ALWAYS matters.

Don’t skip the primer. When you’re a little sweaty, things can get creasy real quick! Primer takes just a moment to apply and will keep your look in place all day.

Opt for a brow powder, rather than pencil, for maximum staying power in the heat.

Don’t cover every inch of your face with bronzer. You’ll end up faked baked, not bronzed goddess. Instead, apply bronzer to the areas the sun hits naturally: cheekbones, forehead, chin, and nose.

Choosing heat proof makeup shades

The right makeup product matters in the heat. Switch to more sheer versions of your favourite lip and eye colours. A lighter look suits warmer weather more than those rich, dark colours. 


Expectation: Highlight your natural bone structure. Reality: You’ve drawn an actual skull line on your face.


The golden rule of contouring? Blending is your best friend. We’ll say it again, blend, blend, blend.

Be selective. Choose just one area to contour; jaws, nose, cheekbones etc, rather than trying to do it all.

Save it for a special event. Unless you’re part of the Kardashian clan, contouring isn’t necessarily a look you’d rock for on a grocery trip to the supermarket.

Choosing the right contour shade

Your choice of contour makeup product will make or break your look. Your contour shade is most believable when it’s a shade or two darker than your actual foundation.


Makeup Expectation vs Reality

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