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How to Take Care of Makeup

We break down how to take care of makeup to maximise the life and effectiveness of your favourite products. Spoiler alert: the bathroom vanity is officially a makeup-free zone!  

How long does makeup last?  

The expiry date for makeup usually depends on when you open the product. Most cosmetics have what is called a PAO (Period After Opening) month number on the packaging or the product itself. For example, 12 months.   

This means the product, if stored and used properly, will be good for 12 months after it’s been opened. After that, it’s time for a replacement.  

Using expired makeup isn’t healthy for your skin or eyes (expired mascara could lead to an infection) and it won’t apply as well as it once did.  

Our handy guide to PONi product expiry dates: 

  • The White Knight Mascara: 12 months (We recommend discarding after 3-6 months) 
  • Brow Magic: 12 months 
  • Zebra Clear Brow Gel: 6 months 
  • Lip Magic Balm: 12 months 
  • Brow Pop: 12 months 
  • Main Stain Brow Creme: 6 months 
  • Brow Duo Powder: 12 months 
  • Brow Love Soft Brow Pencil: 24 months 
  • Pegasus Liquid Liner: 12 months 
  • Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer: 24 months 
  • Unicorn Champagne Highlighter: 24 Months 
  • Unicorn Candy Blush: 24 Months 
  • Lash + Brow Serum: 24 Months 

Investing in a high quality sharpener will help extend the life of your eyebrow pencils.  

Always make sure lids and caps for all products are on tightly too. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference - makeup can easily dry out, melt, or go hard if exposed to air for too long.   

Makeup storage  

Keep your makeup next to the bathroom sink or in the car? Time to rethink your makeup storage situation.  

Cars heat up and cause products to melt and separate making them less effective and consistent - if they’re still usable at all. Meanwhile, a warm, moist bathroom can cause products to become mouldy and expire quicker than they’re supposed to.  

So, how to store makeup the right way? The best place to keep your kit is in a cool, dry environment. If your bathroom is well ventilated and the vanity has a lower drawer or a cupboard you can close that stays cool and dry, that could be a good spot.  

Or, you can take your cosmetics out of the bathroom and have some fun with setting up a makeup storage area! Use a set of desktop drawers and cute holders on top so you can display your makeup and access it easily.  

Using a makeup train case is also an ideal option for makeup storage. Designed specifically for makeup, there are plenty of holders and dividers to organise your brushes and products. Store the case in your wardrobe or bedroom, take the makeup you’re using into the bathroom, get ready and put it back when you’re done. 

Love more inspo on how to store makeup? Pinterest is your go-to for plenty of genius ideas for  clever and cute solutions. 

Cleaning makeup brushes  

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes and applicators?   

Makeup tools need weekly cleaning to stop them from becoming little hot beds for bacteria, dirt, oil and dead skin cells.  

Keeping brushes and applicators fresh means they’ll deliver a better application, last longer, and your skin will thank you too! Dirty tools spread all those nasties onto your skin and cause breakouts. 

How to clean your makeup brushes 

You’ll just need a glass, warm water and shampoo (baby shampoo is great for this) or a mild liquid soap. You can also buy specific makeup brush cleaning liquid but shampoo or soap work absolutely fine.  

Step one: Squirt a little of the shampoo or soap into the bottom of the glass and fill halfway with warm water. 

Step two: Take your brush and swirl it in the water. Massage the bristles to help loosen the build-up then swirl again. Repeat until all build-up is removed. 

Step three: Rinse the brush under running water while gently moving your fingers through the bristles for a final clean. 

Step four: Lay the brush flat on a clean paper towel to dry.  

How to clean makeup applicators  

Cleaning your makeup sponges is just as easy! You can use bar soap for this one.  

Step one: Place the sponge under warm running water and squeeze out any excess makeup. 

Step two: Lather up a bar soap in your hands. 

Step three: Rub the sponge along the bar and squeeze it to get it nice and soapy all the way through.  

Step four: Keep squeezing the sponge under running water until it’s completely clean. 

Step five: Set on a paper towel to dry. 

If you have questions about how to store and take care of your PONi products, reach out to our team. 

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