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How to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

How to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

What is the first thing you want someone to notice about you? If you said your eyes, first of all, excellent choice, secondly, you’ve come to the right place. Making your eyes look bigger, brighter and pop is not so much about genetics, as it is about mastering the right makeup techniques. Keen to learn how to get brighter eyes? We thought so. Read on…

Brows to Flatter Your Eyes

Perhaps unexpectedly, we’re not going to start with the eyes, but rather your gorgeous arches. Groomed and arched brows make the perfect frame for your eyes, making them appear more defined and really drawing focus to your peepers.

Grab your Brow Magic and brush the eyebrows up. This is going to give you that beautiful fluffy look that lifts your whole face. Then, use the other end to fill in any sparse areas because exactly no one wants patchy brows. Finish the brows by locking in the brushed up shape with the Zebra Clear Brow Gel.

Conceal and Highlight

Nix those dark circles and if anyone asks, yes you did get a full 8 hours last night. We’re trying to brighten the eyes here, so you’re going to need some illuminating concealer. Don’t be fooled by the name, the Brow Pop! makes a great concealer. Add some to the eyelid to cover any discolouration and set with a translucent powder. As a bonus, this will also make the perfect eyeshadow primer and keep it from sliding down to your cheeks. Want to go the extra mile? Use the Unicorn Champagne Highlighter lightly on the brow bone for a stunning glow.

Complimentary Colours

Now, we’re big believers in wearing whatever eyeshadow colour makes you feel incredible. Want to go bold with a show-stopping purple? Love that for you! But if you’re not sure where to start and want a shade that is universally flattering for your eye colour, we’ve got you. Complimentary colours will contrast with your eye colour and make them look even bigger and brighter.

If you have blue eyes, earthy, orangey and deep browns will make them pop. If you want to take it up a notch, a dark smokey eye will really make blue eyes look brighter than ever. Basically, contrast is your friend.

Brown-eyed beauties are incredibly lucky because you can get away with just about anything. A shimmery bronze is a gorgeous choice and if you’re feeling adventurous, emerald green will keep all eyes on you.

Green or hazel eyes? A deep pink (it is more everyday than you think!), taupes or earthy tones with hints of gold will give you a natural contrast. Not one for natural? Purples are seriously gorgeous for green or hazel eyes.

Add Some Sparkle

In news that will surprise no one, adding some sparkle to your eyes will make them look so much brighter. A shimmery eyeshadow will of course do the trick or sweep your Unicorn Champagne Highlighter over your lids for an unbeatable pop. Time for a life-changing makeup tip: dab your ring finger into your highlighter and pat in the inner corner of your eyes. It will brighten your eyes and make you look more awake - trust us, you’ll be doing this every day.

Pump Up the Lash

It wouldn’t be a bright eye look without some long as hell lashes. First, curl those lashes to really open up your eyes. Just don’t be scared of the lash curler - they can smell fear.

Adding volume and length will frame your eyes just that little bit more. Luckily, we know a mascara that does both. The White Knight Mascara has a tubular formulation that coats the lashes and adds volume, all without any smudging.


Et voila, look at those big and bright eyes! Shop everything you’ll need to bring this look to life here.