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How to Achieve a Glam Makeup Look

There’s something about all this time locked inside that makes us desperate to turn our makeup looks up to 100. Date night, dinner with friends or just because, we’re going to take you through the ultimate timeless and glam makeup look. Get ready to turn heads!

1. Creating a Base for Glam Makeup

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the secret to the best makeup look is getting that base snatched. Nail that skincare with a cleansed face, the ultimate cocktail of serums and your moisturiser. Doing this is going to allow your makeup to sit beautifully without cracking by the end of the night. There’s nothing glamorous about that.

If you’ve never dabbled in the world of primers, now is your time. They work wonders to lock down your makeup - a must when you’ve spent all that time looking that damn good!

And for the love of glam, don’t forget about your eye base. There are plenty of eye primers on the market but one of our favourite hacks is our Brow Pop! - the ultimate all-rounder. Think of it as the Lady Gaga of products; there’s not much it can’t do. Wash it across the eyes to make sure your shadow stays put all night.

The last part of your base? The foundation and concealer, of course! An even base is key to getting glam-ready, so blend it, baby. Don’t forget to take it down your neck and décolletage - foundation lines aren’t where it’s at.

2. Sculpted Features

Here at PONi Cosmetics, we worship at the altar of contour. Define your already incredible features and turn your confidence up that extra notch with the Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer.

Chiselling those cheekbones is easy. Just suck in your cheeks and sweep a light colour in the hollows. Then take your brush under your jaw to create that beautiful shadow. You can always add more bronzer for a deeper colour, but bronzer is a lot like cooking; you can always add more but it is much harder to take away!

3. Glow Up

When you think of glam makeup, you think of a little sparkle, right? Right! There’s something about a touch of highlighter that really elevates a look. Go big or go home!

Lightly brush the Unicorn Champagne Highlighter on the highpoints of your cheeks, on the tip of your nose and if you’re feeling extra sparkly (we always are) on the top of your cupid’s bow to really make those lips pop.

Next, you’ll want to grab your Unicorn Candy Blush to add a bit of colour to your cheeks and bring your face to life. You’ll wonder how you lived without it!

4. Glam Brows

If the pencil thin brows of the past make you shudder, we feel you. Nowadays, a glam look is all about bold, defined eyebrows.

Start with the Brow Pop! to conceal stray hairs and highlight your brow bone. Use the lighter end and lightly tap under the brow bone, focusing on the arched point to lift the whole look.

Then we’re going to start work on the brows themselves. A product like our Mane Stain Brow Creme will allow you to slowly build pigment to get your perfect brow tint. Plus, it will stay all night and help build volume if your brows are a little sparse (#relatable). Grab the Pro Brow Brush and use short strokes, like you’re drawing on little hairs.

Lock in those killer brows (seriously, they are looking amazing) by brushing through the Zebra Clear Brow Gel with the spoolie.

5. Dramatic Eyes

You can say a lot just with your eyes, so make sure they say “I am completely feeling myself”!

It is no secret we love a bit of sparkle (see above, our Instagram and literally everything we do), so starting with a shimmery base eyeshadow is the perfect way to start. Plus it is going to last and last because we used the Brow Pop as a primer, remember? Hint: those Unicorn Powders we just used double as beautiful eye shadows. Our favourite is a combination of the Chocolate Bronzer and Champagne Highlighter.

A glam makeup look has to have a winged eyeliner sharp enough to cut. Use the Pegasus Liquid Eyeliner to create a dramatic sharp wing.

Finish off the eyes with a fluttery lash look. The PONi White Knight Mascara has two brushes, one for volume and one for length - the perfect combination. Plus, it is formulated with a tubing formula to deliver only the best in dramatic lashes.

6. Bold Pout

You’re looking stunning, there’s just one thing missing… It wouldn’t be a glam look without a bold lip.

No matter what colour you’re reaching for, always start with a lip liner for a clean, ultra polished look. Whether you’re going for show-stopping red, a pink that packs a punch or a nude to let the rest of your look do the talking, a liner makes your colour last longer and stops it from wandering outside your lips. We could be a liiiitle bit biased but we love our sister company Lip Heroes’ luscious lip products.

Browse the full PONi range here for everything you need for the ultimate glam makeup look. After all, the only drama we want in our life is in our makeup look!

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