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5 Eyebrow Products We Can't Live Without

5 Eyebrow Products We Can't Live Without And How To Use Them

Brow obsessed babes, listen up. We’re sharing the 5 eyebrow products we just can’t live without.

No matter if you’re working with sparse, straggly hairs or naturally luscious brows (lucky you!) the right eyebrow products will step up your brow game.

Keep this universal rule for all eyebrow products in mind - the key is to go slow.

Build your brows one layer at a time for the most natural look. Even if you’re aiming for drama, taking it slow will prevent you slipping up. It’s so much easier to add more eyebrow products to your look than to take them away!

Brow Creme

If the thought of brow creme freaks you out..

What if I end up with clown eyebrows? For real though.

...hear us out.

You might be afraid of getting the "painted look" but done right, brow cream creates a beautifully natural looking brow - not harsh clown lines.

Your toolkit

Brow Creme | Angled brush | Spoolie brush

Very gently tap your angled brush into the pot to pick up enough product to create a light line.

If you were to really dip the brush in, the amount of product you’d pick up would create a very heavy, harsh application. As we said, it’s best to start light and build up over a few applications - especially when it comes to brow creme.

Take the angled brush and start just underneath your brow hair and use short, light strokes to build the outline along your brow.

Then begin feathering the product upwards in the hair very lightly to fill out the rest of the brow shape.

Use the spoolie end of your brush to lightly brush through the hairs - this helps create a more natural look.

We love: Mane Stain Brow Creme

A soft waterproof eyebrow cream to tint brows with a natural-looking colour and instant volume boost that lasts all day long.

Eyebrow Pencil

Super easy to use, an eyebrow pencil is the way to go if you want to keep your makeup routine fuss-free.

Eyebrow pencils are perfect for beginners - the precise tip makes the control of the pencil and application easier. The lightest flick of the pencil can create beautiful, natural arches.

Your toolkit

Eyebrow pencil | Spoolie brush

Best way to fill your brows with an eyebrow pencil?

Starting at the bottom of a clean brow, use short, soft strokes that mimic the natural hair to fill in any gaps - focus on the sparse areas.

When you’re done, grab the spoolie end of your brush to blend and brush hair up - this softens any harsh lines to give a more natural look.

We love: Brow Magic

Our award-winning brow pencil will help you quickly sculpt natural brows. The universal shade makes this the best eyebrow pencil to suit anyone.

Eyebrow Powder

Getting comfortable with eyebrow powder is one of the best things you can do for your brow routine for filling in sparse patches and boosting volume.

With eyebrow powder, you can achieve a soft, natural look - just without the precision of a pencil. It’s also easier to tidy up any mistakes with powder vs other brow products.

Eyebrow powder teams beautifully with brow pencil, too. Powder helps set the pencil - making it last longer - and adds fullness. Choose an eyebrow powder hue similar to your natural hair colour.

It’s also one of the best brow products for oily skin - look for one with a low-oil formula.

Your toolkit

Eyebrow powder | Angled brow brush | Clear brow gel

Lightly dip the brush into the eyebrow powder. Move the brush upward using light, feather-like strokes. Finish the look by swiping on clear brow gel for long-lasting hold.

We love: Brow Duo Powder

This two shade combo allows you to customise colour intensity and build dimension by blending shades to create an ombré brow, light natural brow or deeper glam brow.

Clear Brow Gel

Brow gel is paramount for staying power. The final step in perfecting your look, brow gel sets your brow makeup in place all day long. Plus keeps them glossy - in all the best ways.

Your toolkit

Clear brow gel

After you’ve shaped and filled your arches with powder or pencil, simply sweep the brow gel across your brow in the natural direction of your hair.

Even if you leave the rest of your face bare, an application of clear brow gel across your natural arches leaves you looking polished and bright eyed.

Skip the brow gel if you’ve used a creme.

We love: Zebra Clear Brow Gel

This clear, water-resistant and long-wearing eyebrow gel and unique, ultra-precision spoolie to shape and set brows. A clear winner.

Brow Highlighter

What can make everything about great brows even greater? Brow highlighter.

If this isn’t already one of the eyebrow products in your kit, you’re missing the quick trick that gives your eyes and brows an instant lift.

Your toolkit

Brow highlighter

Take your brow highlighter and lightly trace a line under your brow line from the inner corner of the brow to the outer one. With your ring finger, gently blend the highlighter in beneath the brow to soften and blur any lines.

Voila! A brighter, sparklier eye area.

We love: Brow Pop!

A blendable, long-wearing brow highlighter in a soft peachy hue that is ideal for all skin types.

There you have them - the 5 best eyebrow products brow wizards can’t live without!

Ready. Set. Brow

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