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4 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

4 super fun Halloween makeup ideas inspired by some of our fav looks. From a little spooky to super pretty, there’s something you’ll love. Best of all, they’re last-minute and beginner friendly!

Foundation and brows

Get your foundation and brows sorted first then build on the base to create each of the different looks.

Foundation tips: Choose a full coverage and long wearing foundation and concealer for a flawless Halloween makeup look that lasts until dawn. These aren’t ‘every day’ looks so don’t be afraid to really build your concealer and foundation until you’ve got that perfect base.

Brows: Like the foundation, you want brows that won’t budge. We love PONi Main Stain Brow Creme for waterproof, ultra long-wearing brow makeup you can build into an arch bold enough for your halloween look.

Lip prep: Prep your pout by exfoliating gently and hydrating with a moisturising balm. Some of these looks call for powder on your lips and you don’t want a dry, flaky looking pout.


Inspired by Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial | Mommy & Me Last Minute Costume Idea | Angela Lanter

This fun feline look is super easy to recreate. A cat Halloween makeup look is ideal to put together at the last-minute.


Sweep a pinky-bronze shadow across the lids and take the colour towards the brow. On the lower lid, go in with a darker shade. Next, fill in your upper and lower waterline with a dark pencil - black and grey hues are perfect.

Along the lower lashline, blend the pencil down below the water line and extend out to create an almond shape.

Now, choose a deep black liquid liner to create the cat eye. Starting from the inner eye, take the line along the bottom lash line and extend out all the way past the outer corner of the eye to create a wing.

Then, repeat along the top lash line - joining the wing tips. The result should be an elongated line around the entire eye to give the cat eye effect. Finish the eye with lashings of mascara or false lashes.


Take your black / dark eyeliner pencil and draw a small black ‘nose’ shape on your nose.


Using the same eyeliner pencil - or a matching lipstick - fill in your top lip only.

Swap to a liquid eyeliner (for a thin, precisie line) and extend the lines of your lips out further to create a feline top lip.

Next, with the liquid liner draw a straight line to connect your cat nose with your top lip.

Finish your lips with a coat of pink lip colour along the bottom lip.


Using the liquid liner, place three little dots above your upper lip and add your whisker lines.

Throw on a cat-eared headband and your black kitty cat transformation is complete!

We love Pegasus Liquid Eyeliner for this look.


Inspired by Snapchat Butterfly Filter Makeup Tutorial & DIY! // MyPaleSkin

Become your favourite butterfly Insta filter this Halloween with pretty butterfly makeup.


With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, take a light golden eyeshadow shade all over the lid and into the crease. Next, using a darker contour shade, gently roll it into the deepest part of the crease for definition.

With an angled eyeliner brush, using the same darker shade, apply it as eyeliner along the upper lash line. Add false lashes if you like and/or finish with black mascara.

We love: The White Knight Tubular Mascara


Using a champagne coloured highlighter, apply it along the highest points of your cheeks, a dusting along your Cupid’s bow, under your brows, and the corners of your eyes.

Dust a little over the eyelids too - you want a gorgeous, shimmery look all over.

We love: Unicorn Champagne Highlighter


Create a subtle lip using a liner and lipstick in nude shades. The idea is to create a light lip colour and then finish with a gloss.

Beautiful butterflies

You can grab yourself a pack of decorative butterflies, in any colour you like. If you’re feeling crafty, add glitter to the butterflies to really turn up the pretty in this look.

Glue your butterflies onto hairpins (wait for it to dry completely!) and fix them in the crown area of your hair. You can take this look to the next level by sticking butterflies on your cheeks or near the outer corner of your eyes using a skin-safe glue.

Glitter ‘trail’

The final step in your pretty butterfly makeup is placing a gorgeous sparkly trail of glitter along your forehead and reaching into your hair.

Using a liquid concealer place a trail of dots where you’d like the glitter to go. Finally, apply a skin-safe, eco-friendly biodegradable glitter to each of the concealer dots.


Inspired by Easy Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Windsor

A glam Day Of The Dead look is super popular for easy Halloween makeup; we’re loving the gems.


You want to create a dark, smokey eye for this look. Once you’re done, get your fluffy eyeshadow brush and take a highlighter / silver-coloured shadow into the corner of the eyes.


Our favourite part of this easy day of the dead makeup look? The gorgeous gems around the eyes and forehead.

Opt for a pair of tweezers to place them for an easier application - it can be tricky with your fingers - and focus on your forehead and under-eye area. Use a skin-safe glue!

Gems are super easy to find online so pick your favourite colour and match them with a flowered headband.


Keep the focus of the lips dark with day of the dead makeup. Apply a nude base lipstick first and then grab a black eyeshadow and dab it into the centre of the lips. Blend out with your finger.

Using a liquid liner, draw a line out from each corner of the mouth to your cheek area and add short vertical ‘stitch’ lines along each one. Then add more stitch lines to the upper and lower lips.


With a black liquid liner, outline a shape similar to a ‘teardrop’ on your nose then go ahead and fill it in.

Highlighting and contouring

Highlighting and contouring your lil’ Halloween heart out are the last steps in recreating this easy day of the dead makeup look.

Go dark with your contour shade and using a flat kabuki brush, create a bold contour around your cheekbones and temple. Finally, load your brush with highlighter and highlight your cheekbones, brow, nose and chin.


Inspired by Easy Last Minute HALLOWEEN Makeup Tutorial | SPIDER WEB

Get ready to spin a web with this easy eye catching look.


A smokey, metallic eye sets the stage for your spiderweb makeup.

Take your fluffy eyeshadow brush, load it with black eyeshadow and create a smokey wing for both eyes using the ‘tape’ trick. Then use a silver-hued shadow to cover the lids.

Once you’re done, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and take a highlighter into the corner of the eyes.

Next, take a liquid liner and liner the top lash lines, extending out with a flick to follow the wing shape. Curl lashes and coat with mascara.

Contouring and highlighter

Load your kabuki brush with a deeply pigmented contour colour and take it along your jawline, cheekbones, and down the side of your nose.

Finish off with a highlighter along your cheeks - a shimmery highlighter teams perfectly with the metallic eye.


Go to the dark side with your lip colour. Think lipsticks hues like deep plum, indigo, dark berry, or almost black shades.

The eye spider web

Grab your Pegasus Liquid Eyeliner. Starting from the outer corner of your eye, draw 4 or 5 lines extending out then link them all together in a webby way. You don’t have to be super precise but if you make any mistakes, dab a cotton pad with micellar water to correct.

There you have it, how to do easy Halloween makeup for 4 fun looks. Dead simple.

Happy Halloween beauties!

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Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas