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4 Bold Eye Makeup Looks We Love

Looking forward to a big event? Get ready to wow with bold eye makeup! A special occasion is a perfect chance to try something a little different. 

We’ve put together 4 statement eye makeup looks to get you inspired. These looks seem intimidating at first, but broken down step by step they’re actually easy to achieve! Don't worry if you're a beginner, we got you girl! Check first our tips on how to apply eyeshadow here.

Look 1: Hollywood Glamour Eye Makeup

Glamour eye makeup is a popular trend. Take your cue from the beauties of old Hollywood with beautiful winged eyeliner, voluminous lashes and a defined brow. Pair with a ruby-red lip and your look is complete.


For the lids, you’ll need eyeshadow in a neutral-toned base colour of your choice and a darker complementary colour.

With a flat brush, begin by applying the base colour over the entire lid. Next, switch to the darker colour, blending it into a V shape in the outer corner of your eye. Cut the crease to create a shadow that widens and defines your eye.

With your eye shadow sorted, it’s time to draw on a classic cat eye winged look.

To start, use a soft kohl pencil to draw your cat eye - it’s easier to correct mistakes using a pencil to begin with.

When you’re happy with the shape of your cat eye in kohl, go over it with a black waterproof liquid liner to build colour intensity. Finish your glamour eye makeup with mascara or lengthy, voluminous lashes.


Sculptured brows are quintessential here. Classic and beautiful, they define the eye for a real statement look.

Start by mapping of the shape of your brows with Brow Magic.

Next, take a spoolie brush and comb hairs downward. Then, with Brow Magic use small flicking motions in the direction of your hair growth to fill them in.

To create a more sculpted brow shape, make a slight peak (we mean slight - you don’t want a scary surprised look) where your natural arch is. Brush your hairs out again to fluff them up and blend out any harsh lines.


Pair with a statement red lip and your look is complete!

For this look we recommend: Brow Magic, The White Knight, and Pegasus Liquid Liner.

Look 2: Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye inspired by Mia Connor

Smokey eye makeup is a classic favourite. And ‘smokey eye’ doesn’t mean you’re limited to black or grey colours. You can use a bronze and chocolate palette for this bold eye makeup look too!


For the base, choose a chocolaty / bronze hue with a little shimmer and sweep it across the entire eyelid.

Apply it with a firm, flat eyeshadow brush. Next, take a matte taupe colour shadow and using a blending brush apply it across the socket line to create a ‘halo’ effect transitioning from the chocolatey base colour. Take it a little higher than the socket line but not too far.

From here, choose a subtle pink shade and using a blending brush take it along the edges of the taupe colour to blend and right up to the eyebrow.

Under the eye, using an angled eyebrow brush take the first chocolate colour and blend across the bottom rim. Next, take the taupe colour and shadow it under the chocolate, keeping the edges nice and soft.

Using a light, shimmery pink, highlight the inner corners of the eye and finish with mascara.


You just want a light, subtle glow on the apples of the cheeks. Choose a peachy pink colour for the blush.

Then take a highlighter and dust across the cheekbones closer to the eye socket and a touch across the cupid’s bow.


Finish with a subtle pinky peach lip colour.

For this look we recommend: The White Knight. 

Look 3: Graphic Liner 

Graphic Liner inspired by Mia Connor

Graphic liner is a modern, edgy look. Who said you have to follow the crowd? Stand out with this fun graphic look.


Using a liquid eyeliner on your upper eyelids, draw on a winged look and extend the wing right out for a really exaggerated line.

Next, starting from the middle* of your eye draw a second line just above the crease to connect with the end of your wing to create the graphic arrow shape.

*You can extend the line further towards the inner eye or shorter than the middle. The further towards your inner eye, the more dramatic the look.

Choose a gorgeous metallic, bright, or glittery liquid eyeshadow and fill inside the graphic lines. Finish the look with a slick of mascara.


Team your gorgeously graphic eyes with a nude lip. If you’ve used a metallic shadow a muted matte lip will work beautifully.

For this look we recommend: Pegasus Liquid Eyeliner and White Knight Mascara. 

Look 4: Bright Colour

Bold and bright inspired by Mia Connor

Go bold and bright! Bright colour is a fun eye makeup look that adds vibrancy to any outfit, especially a plain or neutral one. Bright, bold eye makeup is best paired with a coat of mascara and a messy, full brow.

First, choose a shade that works with your eye colour. When working bright or neon colours, you can make it really easy by just using a single shade!

Get some colour inspo with our little guide here:

Blue eyes

  • All shades of pink - especially bold fuchsia tones.
  • Turquoise
  • Gold
  • Orange tones, copper, coral, and bronze

Brown eyes

  • Lavender
  • Metallic teal
  • Cobalt blue

Green eyes

  • Violet
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Bold fuchsia

Now you’ve got your colour sorted, here’s how to create this statement eye makeup look.


Take your eyeshadow brush loaded with your colour of choice and sweep it across your lids, then use a clean brush to soften any harsh lines.

Using a small eye brush you can also line your lower lash line with a smudge of colorful eye shadow too.

Tip to fight fall down: Tapping excess eye shadow off your brush before using it minimises the chance of it falling under your eyes.

Take your mascara and coat both your top and bottom lashes to really define the eye area. Finish with a touch of highlighter in the inner corners of your eye.


Choose a peachy pink colour for the blush and use a highlighter along the orbital bone.


Try a subtle two-toned lip combination that blends seamlessly to contour the lips for a fuller look. Use a light pink lip colour for the base and a slightly darker hue (in a similar colour match) for the corners blending towards the middle.

For this look we recommend: Perfect & Popular bundle which includes The White Knight Mascara, Brow Pop, and Brow Magic!

Love these looks? Check out our full range of amazing brow and eye products today. All of our products are designed to be easy to use for everyone, not just professionals.

infographic; 4 makeup looks we love