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Why Glow Body Oil is Your Body Care Essential This Summer

Why Glow Body Oil is Your Body Care Essential This Summer

Meet your skin's new summer crush: the Golden Glow Illuminating Body Oil. This limited-edition beauty is the ultimate secret to flawless and radiant skin. Designed for all skin types, it's more than just glow; it's your skin's best friend. Packed with nourishing oils, it quenches your skin's thirst while sprinkling you with a golden shimmer.

Versatile and dazzling, use it as a body highlighter or mix it with your favorite products. Summer's about to get a lot more radiant, and it all starts with this golden elixir. 

The glow difference

The Golden Glow Illuminating Body Oil is your ticket to a radiant summer. Our limited-edition body oil brings a host of benefits to your skin. First and foremost, it provides your skin with an illuminating glow for day or night, so you can shine bright whenever and wherever. Plus, it leaves your body feeling soft and silky, making every touch an indulgent experience.

What's the secret behind this glow? It's all thanks to a supercharged blend of ingredients, including sea buckthorn oil, cacay oil, and cranberry seed oil. These natural wonders are essential for promoting your skin's health, keeping it nourished, hydrated, and irresistibly glowing. Let's look into these ingredients a little further...

The benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil for skin

Sea buckthorn oil, often hailed as a skincare superhero, plays a crucial role in the remarkable formula of esmi's Golden Glow Illuminating Body Oil. Its inclusion in this limited-edition body oil is no accident; it's a carefully chosen ingredient, and here's why:

  • Hydration & nourishment: Sea buckthorn oil is a moisture-rich powerhouse, and when it comes to body care, hydration is the name of the game. It deeply quenches your skin's thirst, leaving it soft, supple, and pampered. Its high content of essential fatty acids, like omega-3, -6, and -9, provides the much-needed nourishment your skin craves, ensuring it remains healthy and radiant.
  • Skin health: Beyond hydration, sea buckthorn oil is a champion for overall skin health. It's loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help protect your skin from environmental stressors and UV damage. With your skin safeguarded, you're well-prepared to flaunt that coveted glow, day or night.
  • Anti-ageing benefits: Let's not forget that sea buckthorn oil is a natural anti-aging elixir. Its ability to boost collagen production and combat free radicals helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ensuring your skin maintains a youthful, luminous look.
  • Scar & sun damage reduction: If you have scars or sun-damaged skin, sea buckthorn oil's high vitamin E content can be your ally. It promotes skin regeneration, potentially fading those imperfections and contributing to an even, flawless complexion.
  • A gorgeous glow: Sea buckthorn oil doesn't just stop at skincare; it adds to the magic of the Golden Glow Body Oil by enhancing its ability to create a captivating, shimmering effect. When combined with other glow-boosting ingredients in the formula, it elevates the product's illuminating power, ensuring your skin becomes a radiant masterpiece.

Cacay Oil benefits

Cacay oil, a body care powerhouse, was chosen for esmi's Golden Glow Illuminating Body Oil for good reason:

  • Deep nourishment: It keeps your skin deeply hydrated, ensuring softness and suppleness.
  • Anti-ageing champion: Cacay oil's natural retinol and vitamin E stimulate collagen production, reducing fine lines and promoting an even skin tone.
  • Repair & regeneration: Ideal for scars and sun damage, it encourages skin cell turnover, leaving you with a flawless complexion.
  • Enhanced luminosity: This oil elevates the Golden Glow Body Oil's shimmering effect, making your skin the star of the show, day or night.

Cranberry Seed Oil for your body!

Cranberry seed oil, a hidden gem in body care, shines in esmi's Golden Glow Illuminating Body Oil. Its inclusion in this limited-edition product is strategic for these reasons:

  • Intensive hydration: Packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it deeply hydrates, leaving your skin soft and supple.
  • Skin barrier support: It reinforces the skin's natural barrier, maintaining moisture balance and a healthy glow.
  • Antioxidant boost: Rich in antioxidants, it safeguards your skin from environmental damage and UV radiation, contributing to youthful skin.
  • Radiant glow: Cranberry seed oil enhances the product's shimmering effect, ensuring your skin is the star of the show.

How to use our summer essential

How often to use

As often as lightweight hydration and shine is needed!

How to apply

Shake well before use. Use the dropper to apply the body oil on its own or on top of a moisturiser/lotion. Massage the oil into your skin for lightweight hydration or when you're after a subtle glow.

Wait 4-5 minutes to dry to avoid it transferring to garments. 

Sun care 

While the Golden Glow Body Oil adds a stunning glow, it doesn't replace your sunscreen. You should always apply a broad-spectrum SPF before heading out into the sun. For sun protection, consider Sun Skills. They offer excellent sun protection to keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays.

It’s time to glow up! 

As sun-kissed days approach, it's time to pamper your skin with esmi's Golden Glow Illuminating Body Oil. Pair the body oil with some of esmi’s other best-selling products, such as the Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum or 24k Gold Nourishing Oil to keep the glow going from head-to-toe. Get glowing!

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