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What is Clean Beauty?

What is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty. It’s a niche that has dominated the skincare world in recent years and is definitely here to stay. 

What does “clean beauty” really mean, though? Well, the answer you get may depend on who you ask! The term is quite open to interpretation and there are differing views about the *exact* definition.

In general, though, clean beauty describes products that are formulated with natural and plant-based ingredients and without any chemicals that have been deemed harmful to human health. This includes the 3 compounds we love to hate - parabens, phthalates, and sulfates which have been linked to concerns from skin irritation to hormone disruption. 

Beyond ingredients, clean beauty brands also extend their mindful formulation philosophies to include cruelty-free product testing and sustainable production.  

Clean beauty means clean ingredients

We’re proud and passionate about the high clean beauty standards of esmi products. From ingredients through to testing and packaging, we believe in being totally transparent about how our products are made, what goes in them, and how they’re tested. 

Natural & plant-derived ingredients

We use effective plant-based actives and natural ingredients in our formulations to help address a range of skin concerns from dehydration, and dullness to hyperpigmentation and signs of ageing. 

Some of our most-loved natural and plant-derived ingredients include:

  • Aloe vera: Moisture promoting and skin-repairing aloe vera contains active ingredients including vitamins (vitamins A (beta-carotene), C, E and B12), enzymes, minerals, salicylic acids, and amino acids.
  • Pomegranate: Contains Vitamin C to help with skin brightening and encourages skin repair and regeneration.
  • Gold leaf: A natural antioxidant with active properties, gold helps boost circulation, stimulate collagen, and increase skin elasticity. 
  • Kakadu plum: The world’s most potent natural source of vitamin C, this Australian super fruit helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and promotes a glowing complexion.
  • Avocado oil: A natural oil with a high percentage of active Vitamin E which is proven to aid in strengthening the skin barrier and keeping skin moisturised. 

Clean beauty products can also contain safe synthetic “nature identical” ingredients that are healthy and effective for the skin. 

Nature identical ingredients are synthetic (created in a lab) but they are safe and stable for use - ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and synthetically produced Vitamin A are good examples. 

Plus, the production of synthetic ingredients is often more environmentally responsible than harvesting the ingredient from natural sources. 

Living cultures for your skin to thrive

Our probiotic skincare range is formulated with a scientifically developed probiotic lysate strain. These live cultures (aka: good bacteria) benefit the skin by helping strengthen the skin barrier and maintain balance. 

You can discover more about the benefits of probiotics in this article - a recommended read for anyone with sensitive skin. Probiotics can do wonders for a reactive complexion!

FDA approved

We only use the highest quality TGA and FDA approved ingredients in our products.

This means they are safe for consumers under labelled or customary conditions of use, and are  properly labelled. 

View our full ingredients page here and the ingredients of each product under the "INGREDIENTS" tab on each product page.

Clean Beauty Doesn’t Cost The Earth

At esmi we’re proud to play a role in promoting ethical, safe and more sustainable product choices across the skincare industry and beyond. We want to drive change by helping to create a world where all businesses are conscious and ethical.

It’s not only your skin we care about with our safe formulations; we care about animals and the environment too!


esmi products are completely cruelty-free and we’re committed to no animal testing at any stage. We use FDA approved cruelty-free ingredients and the final product is tested on happy human volunteers!

We don’t sell our products to countries where animal testing is mandatory, either. 


We design our packaging with the environment in mind so all esmi products come in recyclable packaging. The shipping bags and boxes we use are biodegradable too - even the white packaging fill is all natural and non-toxic. It’s made from corn and is water-soluble.

Shop esmi Skin Minerals range for clean beauty in Australia and discover skin solutions for every skin type and concern. 

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