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Repurpose your Empty esmi Bottles

Repurpose your Empty esmi Bottles

DIY home decor or skincare on the run?


Maybe you’re the person who cuts up their veggies for dinner and chucks the scraps straight in the bin. Maybe you’re the person who cuts up their veggies for dinner and chucks the scraps into the compost to pop out into the garden. Or perhaps you’re the one we all aspire to be, the person who cuts up their veggies for dinner and proceeds to re-use the offcuts to make your own veggie stock, flu-fighting remedy, roast veggie skin chips AND feeds their garden #goals

No matter where you sit in these categories - we all know by now how important it is to do our part in the re-use/recycle reality of where our world is headed. Have you ever thought, I wonder what I could do with my empty esmi bottles? (maybe you haven’t, but we’re sure you are now!) Well, we’re here to give you some ideas!

We’ve seen some great ways and also come up with a few of our own on how you can repurpose your skincare bottles. Plus when they’re that pretty to look at… why would you want to chuck them in the bin?! So let’s jump straight in!


Plant babies!

esmi glass bottle repurposed to grow a succulent.

That’s right. All of you green thumbs out there will now have another cute little way to pop some greenery around your window sills, bookshelves and bathroom vanity. #vibes

Use an offcut from one of your over-performing devil’s ivy to pop in with some water and place into an old skin treat bottle! Or get yourself some miniature succulents like the ones pictured above. This is a good one for those of us whose thumbs are less green in colour! #whydomyplantsalwaysdie


Skincare in the air!


So maybe you’re not much for plants around the house…. But maybe you’re all for a good holiday? Let’s say you’ve planned your next overseas (#postpandemic) trip and you couldn’t possibly imagine having to go without your beloved skincare. We hear you! And boy do we have THE travel skincare hack for you!

Traveling on a plane means you have a limit on the volume of liquids you can pack in your luggage. Most of our products are actually within this allocated volume. But our booster masks aren’t!

I’m sure if you’ve used one of our booster masks before, you’ll agree they quickly become an essential part of your skin care routine, especially when on holiday’s and wanting to indulge in some #treatyoself #selfcaretime

Did you know that once you’ve used that last drop of serum, you can actually re-purpose your empty skin serum bottles (the ones with the glass dropper) by filling them with a mask or even a cleanser? Plus the great Marie Kondo would also be in the background applauding you on your impressive space-saving abilities, so really, it’s a win on all fronts.

To do this, all you need to do is use the dropper from the empty serum bottle to remove the product from your mask or cleanser container and squeeze it into your empty bottle! Fill to whatever level you desire, give it a little shake and you’re good to go!

Not sure what we mean? Head over to our Instagram Highlight called ‘Fun Facts’ and watch the step-by-step video on how best to do this, so you’re well prepared next time you’re off and away!


Go, you environmental warrior!


How else could you re-purpose your bottles? We’re always on the look out for great ways to do this so please be sure to comment below or reach out to us on Instagram with how you’ve found a continued purpose for our beautiful bottles in your life! And if you try anything we’ve mentioned above - be sure to send us a photo!


Repurposing your esmi bottles