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How to Use Hyaluronic Acid

Fight dehydration, dullness, oiliness and fine lines with hyaluronic acid skin care. All skin types can benefit from hyaluronic acid, a superior hydrating ingredient that attracts moisture to the skin’s surface for a plumper, hydrated and radiant complexion.

Hyaluronic acid for your face

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring sugar molecule found in your body that helps skin retain much-needed moisture for plumpness and elasticity. Your body’s natural levels of hyaluronic acid decline as you age so using hyaluronic acid skin care can help increase moisture to combat dullness, loss of elasticity, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The exciting thing about hyaluronic acid is its amazing ability to attract water.

A humectant ingredient, it draws moisture from the air and deeper layers of your skin to the surface layer. It can actually hold 1000x times its weight in water! This makes it incredibly effective at boosting the skin’s moisture levels to address concerns like flakiness, dullness, and fine lines.

Dry vs dehydrated skin - what is the difference?

Hyaluronic acid skin care helps target the skin concern of dehydration.

Dry skin and dehydrated skin share some similar symptoms but they are actually two different things.

Dry skin lacks oil, whereas dehydrated skin lacks water.

An itchy, flaky complexion are symptoms of dry skin while dehydrated skin is usually inflamed, dull, flaky, fine lines are more pronounced and skin feels tight even after moisturising.

Put simply, dry skin is a skin type while dehydration is a skin condition. All skin types can become dehydrated; oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin.

How can hyaluronic acid skin care help? 

To combat dehydration for all skin types, the skin cell’s water content needs to be replenished. Including hyaluronic acid skin care in your routine will deliver much needed hydration for smoother, plumped looking skin.

Hyaluronic acid also helps repair an impaired skin barrier that is suffering from dry, flaky, reactive or over stripped skin.

When your skin barrier is compromised, your skin is more susceptible to accelerated ageing and damage caused by inflammation, UV rays, and other environmental factors.

Strengthening and repairing a damaged barrier helps skin protect itself against these stressors.

This super hydrator also regulates oil flow for oily skin types to target breakouts and can even help to rejuvenate dark circles under the eyes.

Because it’s found naturally in your body, it’s much easier for your skin to recognise and absorb rapidly and gentle enough not to irritate, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

As all skin types are susceptible to dehydration - oily, dry, sensitive and combination - every routine will benefit from the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid.

Why your skin will love esmi Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum 

The esmi Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum is like a big drink of water for your cells containing triple action Hyaluron which increases hydration by 25% within 2 hours for a plumper, brighter complexion.

Perfect for all skin types and ages, this serum hydrates from the inside out, restores, repairs and reveals healthy skin with a radiant and hydrated glow.

The hydrating serum also contains niacinamide (Vitamin B3) for skin repair, restoration and to regulate oil flow which in turn aids in breakout prevention for oily skin types. It also contains allantoin to promote cell longevity.

Its lightweight texture means that it is a great way to hydrate oily skin without clogging pores, whilst it is gentle enough for sensitive skin types.

How to use hyaluronic acid serum

Dispense a pearl size amount of serum from the dropper onto fingertips and massage into the skin after cleansing or exfoliation. Can be used morning and night and around the eye area.

The hydrating serum isn’t a moisturiser, it works by attracting water to the deeper layers of skin and rehydrating cells from the inside out.

After hydrating the skin, it’s important to then apply a face oil or moisturiser over the top to lock in hydration. For combination dry or dry skin types we recommend applying 24k Gold Nourishing Oil or Acai Skin Balancing Face Oil to lock, seal and create a protective barrier on the skin.


Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum

If you have any questions about hyaluronic acid skin care in your routine, our esmi Skin Experts are here to help! Get a free skin consultation today.

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