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All About Fragrance in Skincare

We can all agree that there’s something so luxurious about applying your skincare and being greeted with a gorgeous scent. It’s that “I’ve just been to the spa” feeling that makes you feel so zen. For some people, the scent is what makes or breaks a product. Here at esmi, we like to take a natural approach with our products which has a fantastic bonus - gorgeous scents!

Having said that, not all fragrances are created equal. In most cases, it comes down to individual preference, but there are definitely some fragrances that you don’t want to come within ten yards of your precious face.

Synthetic vs Natural Fragrance

Your natural skincare fragrances are derived from the natural ingredients in the product, also known as the essential oils. They predominantly come from a plant’s flowers, leaves or roots, with some common examples including lemongrass and tea tree oils. These ingredients can be super beneficial for your skin while also smelling great - win, win!

Synthetic fragrances are made in a lab using a mixture of chemicals. You can usually tell pretty quickly as although it might smell luxe, it won’t smell particularly natural. These mixes of chemicals can prove to be irritating on the skin. Annie Chiu, MD board-certified dermatologist says synthetic fragrances are a leading cause of contact dermatitis and allergic cosmetic reactions. Eeek! If your skin doesn’t mind synthetic fragrances, still use them lightly and not in every product integrated into your routine. Prolonged use can cause irritations to develop over time. Here at esmi, we avoid synthetic fragrances of all kinds for this very reason!

Skincare is never a ‘one size fits all’ situation, so figuring out what you like (more importantly, what your skin likes) is key.

Benefits of Fragrance in Skincare

If fragrance in skincare is your thing (and it is absolutely our thing!), you’re always going to want to err on the side of natural. Apart from smelling gorgeous, the essential oils where the natural fragrances come from have heaps of other pluses.

Much like the benefits of aromatherapy (which also uses essential oils, coincidentally), natural fragrance skincare can promote emotional and physical healing. These products can alleviate stress and work wonders on boosting your mood, like a shot of serotonin!

Besides the benefits for your mental well-being, some products containing essential oils can also minimise inflammation and slow down ageing. Um, yes please! Essential oils are also rich in antioxidants which can hydrate and protect your skin! Plus, there is some research to suggest that essential oils like lemongrass and tea tree have acne-fighting powers. Is there anything they can’t do?!

Between creating a relaxing experience and skin boosting properties, natural fragrances can make the whole skincare routine a more enjoyable experience, and we say a big “heck yes” to that!

How to Approach Fragrance in Skincare

In terms of how to approach fragrance in skincare, the answer is tentatively. Natural fragrances can make for a super luxe skincare routine, but it is not always easy to tell the difference between natural and synthetic. Always patch test products by using a small amount on your hands and waiting 24 hours to see if a reaction develops. If it all looks clear, then you’ve got the green light to become obsessed with this product!

On the flip side, if your patch test reveals some not-so-fun irritation, keep a note of the product and any ingredients (especially fragrances) so you know what your skin is saying “no thanks” to.

The golden rule is to always look for products that use high quality ingredients (*cough* esmi *cough*). We are all about using natural and nourishing ingredients that are effective because would you believe, we want you to love our products (and the way they smell).

Investing in high quality, mainly natural ingredients is going to produce better results which will not only save you money in the long run (did someone say shopping trip?), but will make you that much more excited to settle in for your skincare routine, which can only be a good thing, right?

If you want to know more about fragrances in skincare, our skin consultants have extensive knowledge all there is to know in this area. Get in touch today!