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10 Things You Can’t Live Without

10 Things You Can’t Live Without

What does this look like for you? 

Okay, we’ve all pondered it. You’re stuck on a deserted island. And can only have with you, a few essential items. 

No wifi. No laptop. No phone. No Instagram… wait… if I eat something and don’t share a photo of it, did it really even happen?!   

Okay, so we’re slightly exaggerating with that last one! 

 But when you think of 20 things you couldn’t live without… What are they? 

Here’s our list - bearing in mind we are collating this with a #livingyourbestlife vibe, not a #winnerofsurvivor vibe. 

We might not NEED these to survive an apocalypse, but they’re definitely in this day and age version of ‘things we can’t live without’. 

1. Skincare 


While water would be our number one SURVIVAL item for the ‘deserted island’ scenario, this list is more aligned with the ‘daily life’ scenario, so skincare is AT THE TOP! 

A solid skincare routine using products that will feed your skin the nutrients it needs are absolute ‘cannot live without’ items. 

Grab one of our skin treats and see for yourself! 

2. Clean water + good food 

It doesn’t need to be water from a spring in the Swiss Alps or cuisine from the fanciest restaurant in town, but food and water will ALWAYS be a necessity! 

And even better if it looks super cute on your Insta feed right?! #gramgamestrong 

3. Phone 

Whether it’s to call a loved one, communicate with your kids to know they're safe, check in on a friend or update your social media account. 

I think we’d all consider our phones to be a pretty important thing to have these days. 

And with the beauty of the internet in your pocket, you have endless possibilities of things to find, people to meet and community engagement to access. 

Let’s just all be mindful to use it for the benefit of others.

4. Coffeeee!

Liquid gold. The good stuff.  If you can live without, you go glen coco. 

Maybe you’re a tea drinker? Green Tea Matcha? 

Whatever your choice of beverage… who can imagine a life without them?!   

5. Clothes 

We don’t know about you, but nothing worse than being caught on your daily commute to work, butt naked in the middle of the train right?!  

I mean, really this one is for the benefit of those around you. And with fashion forever evolving (or going back to the ’90s, YUSSS!) how fun that we can all dress in our own way.

6. The beach 

Now we’re getting into those things that just make life BETTER. 

How good is the feeling after a long day at work, or a day cooped up studying or with a house full of over-energetic kids, to just go and walk along the sand and to look out at the beautiful ocean around us? 


7. Books 

A book can be so powerful. 

Each one merely words set out on pages, bound together to form a book, but each with such a unique purpose. 

Some allow you to study and complete your degree. Some help advance and further your career. Some might teach you a new skill or guide you to learn a new way of life. 

Maybe it feeds your soul and teaches you about your religion. 

Or perhaps it is used to inspire you, as it journey’s through the life of somebody else. 

And our personal favourite, the books that entertain you with their multi-layered fictional characters and unfolding story. 

8. Company 

Okay, so this is not a ‘thing’. But have you ever tried to live your life without ANYONE’S company? 

No human contact (as we’ve learnt throughout this pandemic) is certainly not the ideal. 

Even introverts who love their own space, would need at least small amounts of human contact and company. 

So it deserved a spot on our list. 

9. Screens 

Again, we’re not talking about survival here. 

We’re talking about what are those everyday things that we can’t live without (anymore!) 

And although screens get a bad rap because they can be used too much, a balanced amount is healthy. 

Your laptop? Can allow you to work from wherever while looking after family or travelling around the country making memories. All the while being able to provide for your family. 

On the computer! This is where the next inventions in the tech world are created! 

Your living room TV can provide the family with the movie we all sit to watch together with a shared blanket and giant bowl of popcorn. 

And who doesn’t love sitting in a movie theatre with an oversized slushy and 2 hours of purposed chill out time?!  

10. Music 

There have been studies done that show the physical and psychological benefits of what music does for living beings. 

Have you ever watched a movie or TV and show and imagine what it would be like without the music in the background? Weird! 

Imagine Christmas time without Christmas carols? 

Playing it in the car on the long road trip to visit the in-laws, having it on in the background of your dinner party, experiencing it live as people play the instruments in front of you or even jumping up and down at a concert! #groupie 

Most religions even use music as a form of worship, powerful. This is some of our things we can’t imagine life without. 

What are some of yours?