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The Brush Debate - Why go Vegan?

When you’re talking natural makeup, many people opt for the “au natural” look. While that works for your technique, it might not work for your tools.

Consider some of the benefits of using makeup brushes that are made from synthetic fibers (vegan) rather than animal hair.

1. As synthetic brushes are made from synthetic fibers they are less likely to become damaged by the makeup itself or products you might use to clean the brush.

2. They are easier to keep clean because they dont absorb the pigment or product.

3. Some people are sensitive or allergic to animal hair that natural brushes are made from (squirrel, mink, sable and horse hair)

4. Synthetic brushes are cruelty free and vegan.

5. The texture of the brush is retained. Over time, brushes with natural hairs become sharp and pokey.

6. Synthetic brushes are more hygienic.

7. They have less product wastage. Natural bristles absorb liquid and cream based products. As a result, a substantial amount of your makeup gets wasted.

8. They have a longer lifespan. Like human hair, animal-hair is also prone to breakage.

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