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Esmi Inspiration

Why Esmi?

The reason we created Esmi, is because we couldn’t find an Australian made mineral foundation that we LOVED!  e s m i fills all the gaps and concerns for us which include: coverage, color, cruelty free & vegan, protection and treatment.


So its no secret that a lot of mineral foundation on the market today does not give the coverage so many of us need, want and desire. e s m i foundation has maximum coverage without the feeling of that thick painted on feel or look. Your skin will simply look flawless naturally.


One of the most frustrating things we have come across after years of trying lots of different mineral foundations is the color! With e s m i we have four colors which suit skin colors 1 – 5 perfectly.

Protection & Treatment

One of the things we think is so important is protecting and treating your skin. So naturally with that in mind we were always going to create a foundation that did both of those things! e s m i foundation is SPF 15 and is enriched with the powerful benefits of shea butter, aloe, hyaluronic acid, allantion and niacinamide it will hydrate, treat and protect your skin while giving you flawless skin.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Because we love animals