Skin Colour Types I to IV

Discover your esmi colour.


The esmi colours have been carefully developed based on The Fitzpatrick scale - a recognised tool for dermatological research on human skin pigmentation and how it reacts with the sun.

Your skin will change during the course of a season and you might need to consider changing your foundation colour to suit.

Try a liquid sample.


Find your perfect colour with a sample pack of the esmi Liquid Mineral Foundation containing 2 colours. Choose fair, medium or tanned.


Skin recipes coming soon.


The esmi range of skin products are designed to give your skin a natural, effortless glow. Each product has been specifically designed to ensure your skin receives the nourishment and benefits it deserves.

esmi Skin Recipes combine different products in the range carefully chosen to give your skin type daily benefits and support for you to look and feel your best.

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