Best Skincare for Travel

While travel is one of the greatest experiences, it can wreak havoc on your skin! Travel often leads to dehydrated skin from the dry airplane air, disturbed skin balance due to climate changes, sun damaged skin due to long periods of sun exposure during adventures and dullness from stress and inadequate sleep. In this post, we will reveal some of our favourite travel skincare tips.  Why travel skincare is important Travelling can wreak havoc on your skin, but with the right skincare regimen featuring natural and active ingredients, you can maintain a healthy glow no matter where your adventures take you. These products offer numerous benefits beyond just hydration and protection. Nourish dehydrated skin Long flights can leave your skin parched and dull. Combat this with moisturisers infused with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid or aloe vera. Products like our Mini Hydrating Hydra-Fluid Moisturiser can replenish lost moisture, keeping your skin supple and radiant even at cruising altitude. Create a barrier against environmental pollution Airplane cabins are notorious for circulating dry, polluted air. Shield your skin with antioxidant-rich serums such as our Mini Pomegranate Brightening Serum, infused with antioxidant Q10 spheres which helps brighten the skin and assists in anti-inflammatory activity. Repair sun damage Even brief exposure to UV rays during layovers can lead to sun damage. Incorporate a potent sunscreen like Skin Shield Sunscreen SPF 30 into your routine to prevent premature aging and repair existing damage, ensuring your skin stays youthful and resilient throughout your travels.  How to pack skincare for travel When embarking on travels, maintaining a consistent skincare routine is essential to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Investing in travel-sized skincare products proves to be a wise choice, as they not only save space but also ensure continuity in your skincare regimen. Opting for essentials with active ingredients, such as moisturisers rich in hyaluronic acid or serums containing vitamin C, helps combat the adverse effects of travel on the skin, like dehydration and dullness. Prioritise multi-functional products to streamline your packing process, like a sunscreen that also hydrates or a cleanser that removes makeup effectively. Utilize travel-friendly containers to decant larger products if necessary, ensuring compliance with airline regulations and maximising space efficiency. By packing smartly and focusing on skincare essentials, you can safeguard your skin's health and glow while exploring new destinations. Choosing the best skincare products for travel  When it comes to packing skincare essentials for travel, esmi's range of mini skincare products offers an effortless solution. Our mini collection includes travel-sized moisturisers, serums, cleansers, masks and more, catering to all your skincare needs on the go. Let's get into a few of our favourites... For combatting the dehydrating effects of travel, esmi's Mini Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum stands out, packed with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and plump the skin. Additionally, our mini cleansers effectively remove impurities without stripping the skin's natural moisture barrier, crucial for maintaining skin health amidst changing environments. To rejuvenate tired skin after long flights, esmi's Mini Golden Anti-Ageing Serum is infused with vitamin C helps to brighten and evens out skin tone, counteracting travel-induced dullness!   We offer skincare bundles for added convenience, curating essential products together for a hassle-free travel skincare routine. With esmi's mini skincare range, you can ensure your skin remains nourished, hydrated, and radiant wherever your adventures take you.

Dealing with Maskne

In what is about to be the understatement of the century, the pandemic has come with its fair share of problems. Wearing a mask has become part of daily life, and a side effect of that (aside from the obvious safety, of course) is maskne, a.k.a. mask acne.  If you thought you left acne behind in your teenage years along with chunky highlights, it may be coming back thanks to mask wearing and the breakouts that come along with it. While we may have to learn to live with the new normal of wearing masks, there’s no way we’re living with acne!  What causes mask acne? So, how can a mask that does so much for protecting our safety, wreak so much havoc on our skin? Wearing a mask traps the air we breathe and use to speak in a very small area. This creates a humid environment and spoiler alert: bacteria really love humid environments. According to Aesthetician, Dylan Mustapich, “these masks create a seal that prevents moisture from escaping, resulting in a humid environment where acne-causing bacteria is able to thrive.” This bacterial growth, along with the subtle yet constant rubbing of the skin and the mask is what leads to pimples and the less than fun maskne. How to avoid maskne Now of course, the best way to deal with maskne is to avoid it altogether. Follow these steps and thank us later. Stay Hydrated Consider this your regular esmi reminder to drink a glass of water. Yes, we mean right now! Water helps to flush toxins out of the body, just like dumping a toxic ex. If toxins and bacteria are left unchecked, it is straight to maskne town. Water is also a key part of the collagen production process, making it super important for skin elasticity and clearing any inflammation.  Speaking of staying hydrated, that applies to your skincare too. Use a few drops of our Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum underneath your mask. It contains niacinamide, a skin repairing ingredient for protection against environmental factors like pollution. Plus, it is great for fighting acne! This Skin Treat is water based so is incredibly gentle.   Keep makeup to a minimum  For some, mask-wearing has given them a sweet, sweet sleep in because it means less time on makeup and we tend to agree! While we love a good full face as much as the next person, paring back your makeup while you wear a mask is going to reduce your risk of mask acne.  Heavy makeup combined with a humid environment and bacteria is a fast track to congestion. Having makeup especially around the mouth and nose where the mask sits is only going to push the makeup deeper down into your pores, causing clogging.  If you can’t bring yourself to go bare-faced, this is your chance to go big with your eye look. That bold smokey eye you’ve always been too scared to try? Now’s your chance! Wash your mask Rule number one of mask care is to wash them regularly in order to get rid of unwanted makeup, sweat, and all the things that will lead to bacterial growth. On that note, make sure the detergent you’re using to wash your masks isn’t too harsh. We should ideally be washing our masks after every use. If that means having to stock up on cute patterned masks so you always have spares when your others are drying, so be it! Probiotic skincare  As we’ve mentioned, wearing a face mask creates a bacteria heaven, so introducing good bacteria that is going to keep the bad guys in check is key. Enter: our Probiotic Skincare Range. The good bacteria in our probiotic products are calming and restorative, anti-inflammatory and balance the skin microflora. Try our Skin Mylck Cleanser to clear your skin of bad bacteria and Skin Mylck plus Anti-Redness lotion if you’re already dealing with breakouts.  How to clear up maskne In an unsurprising twist, having a decongesting and probiotic skincare routine is going to clear the pimples from your mask right up.  Always cleanse your face before you put your mask on and at the end of the day after you take it off to get rid of nasty bacteria. Use the Skin Mylck Cleanser in the morning to boost your good bacteria levels and The Uncomplicated Cleanser plus Charcoal at night to deeply remove any dirt. Exfoliating regularly prevents pores from becoming clogged by removing dead skin cells and other pollutants. Our Fresh Sea and Salty Sand Gentle-Foliant combines the powers of physical and chemical exfoliants to deeply decongest your skin.  In terms of Skin Treats, start the day with the Anti-Redness Minty Green Smoothie to soothe the skin, and at night, use the Detoxifying Exfoliating Charcoal Serum which is an amazing wash-off product that draws out impurities.  If you recall, we’re big advocates for staying hydrated, especially when wearing a mask. So before you head out for the day, top your Skin Treat with the Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum and then a light moisturising lotion like the Skin Mylck. If you’re looking for extra hydration credit, keep the Refreshing and Hydrating Skin Snack Face Mist handy throughout the day.  If you have any questions about sending mask acne packing, chat to one of our Skin Experts, they will be happy to help you get your skin back on track!


Pregnancy Safe Skincare Ingredients

Expecting a new little arrival? Congratulations! Let us help you navigate safe skincare for pregnant women. This handy guide explains ingredients to avoid and pregnancy approved alternatives. Common pregnancy skin conditions There are some lucky mums-to-be out there that experience the best skin of their lives during pregnancy. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case! You may experience pregnancy-related changes in your skin that are more challenging to deal with. Hormonal acne - Breaking out around the chin and jaw? Acne in these areas can be linked to hormonal changes. Melasma - Sometimes called the ‘mask of pregnancy’ melasma is hyperpigmentation (skin discolouration) that can appear on your forehead, nose, and cheeks. Dryness - Dryness can make fine lines and wrinkles more pronounced. If you have any pre-existing conditions, like eczema or rosacea, these can get worse during pregnancy. You’ll need to manage these skin concerns while you’re expecting (and during breastfeeding) with skincare products that are safe during pregnancy.  Pregnancy skincare — Ingredients to use & avoid Safe skincare for pregnant women means avoiding certain ingredients - a few tweaks to your existing routine might be necessary. Carefully read all the labels on the skincare products you’re currently using. You’ll want to press pause on applying the following ingredients during pregnancy:  Avoid: Retinols, or any Vitamin A derivatives (Anti-ageing) Retinol, retin-A, retinoic acid, and tretinoin shouldn’t be used if you’re expecting. These anti-ageing ingredients are all derived from Vitamin A, which is an effective vitamin for your skin but is problematic during pregnancy. Excessive amounts of Vitamin A has been found to interfere with fetal development. No matter the amount you include in your routine, the safest approach is to avoid retinol, or any vitamin A derivatives entirely. What are the best anti-ageing pregnancy skincare alternatives? Thankfully, temporarily giving up Vitamin A doesn’t have to mean abandoning your anti-ageing routine. Alternative ingredients that are pregnancy safe and offer effective anti-ageing properties are easy to include in your pregnancy skincare routine. You may already be using some! Vitamin C Vitamin C is your antioxidant go-to for a pregnancy skincare routine. An effective all-rounder, it helps repair environmental damage, stimulate collagen synthesis, and brighten skin. Peptides Peptides are a type of protein that helps preserve and boost collagen levels, smooth fine lines, and minimise the appearance of pores. Omega Fatty Acids Omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 play a role in maintaining youthful, healthy-looking skin. They deliver positive changes in skin hydration, scaling, and roughness. Pregnancy safe products we recommend for an anti-ageing routine: The Uncomplicated Cleanser plus Anti-Ageing Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum 24K Gold Nourishing Oil Golden Anti-Ageing Serum (evening) Anti-Ageing Repair Gel Booster Mask These products are also safe to use during breastfeeding. AVOID: Salicylic acid (Acne)  Salicylic acid is a heavy hitter for treating acne. Its deep exfoliating action clears blocked pores to minimise bacteria and reduce congestion. When it comes to skincare for pregnant women though, it’s not on the ‘safe’ list in high doses so it’s best to skip this ingredient entirely. What are the pregnancy safe skincare ingredients to treat acne? Take your pick of pregnancy safe ingredients to manage breakouts while you’re expecting. Lactic acid — A sensitive skin hero, lactic acid is the gentler, yet effective, exfoliator of the acids group. Glycolic acid — Glycolic acid is an exfoliant that naturally occurs in plants including sugar cane and citrus fruits. Fruit enzymes — Enzymes found in some fruits and berries break down keratin proteins attached to dead cells to help target congestion. Bentonite clay and activated charcoal — Detoxify and refine congested skin and help control oil. Polynesian sand — An effective physical exfoliator for oily skin types, Polynesian sand helps to gently unblock pores for clearer skin. Breakout prone skin will also benefit from pregnancy safe skincare products that deliver deep hydration, such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide (Vitamin B3), and plant-based oils that help regulate sebum production. Pregnancy safe skincare products we recommend for a breakout routine The Uncomplicated Cleanser plus Anti-Redness Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum Acai Hydrate & Nourish Duo Peppermint Green Oil Anti-Redness Minty Green Smoothie Fresh Sea And Salty Sand facial exfoliant Detoxifying Exfoliating Charcoal Serum Soft Skin Refining Charcoal Clay Booster Mask These products are also safe to use during breastfeeding.  AVOID: Hydroquinone (Hyperpigmentation)  A depigmenting agent, hydroquinone is used to lighten darkened areas of skin by suppressing the formation of melanin in the skin. Research has shown hydroquinone to be problematic during pregnancy, so it’s one to avoid. What are the pregnancy safe skincare ingredients to treat hyperpigmentation? These powerful natural skin lighteners are safe to include in your pregnancy skin care products Vitamin C — Vitamin C helps lighten patches of pigmentation without leaving your skin barrier compromised – no dryness, peeling or flaking as a result. It also gives the complexion a bright, radiant appearance. Kakadu Plum — Kakadu Plum is believed to be the world’s most potent source of natural Vitamin C making it an excellent ingredient to help diminish the appearance of dark spots. Bearberry — Bearberry Leaf extract is a natural skin lightener that works by helping to reduce melanin production. Liquorice — A powerful brightening antioxidant, liquorice is high in anti-inflammatories – making it great for post-inflammatory pigmentation and redness/scarring after breakouts. Pregnancy safe skincare products we recommend for a hyperpigmentation routine The Uncomplicated Cleanser plus Brightening Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum Pomegranate Brightening Serum Sunrise Skin Energising Acai Duo Bouncy Brightening Silky Booster Mask These products are also safe to use during breastfeeding. Best pregnancy safe skincare brand in Australia Best Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Brand in Australia, before the last line If you have any questions about safe skincare for pregnant women, we’re here to help! Book your free consultation with an esmi Skin Minerals Consultant. Learn more about skincare How To Get Rid of Wrinkles How To Reduce Face Puffiness Before and After Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum The Best Face Mask for Acne  


10 Things You Can’t Live Without

What does this look like for you?  Okay, we’ve all pondered it. You’re stuck on a deserted island. And can only have with you, a few essential items.  No wifi. No laptop. No phone. No Instagram… wait… if I eat something and don’t share a photo of it, did it really even happen?!    Okay, so we’re slightly exaggerating with that last one!   But when you think of 20 things you couldn’t live without… What are they?  Here’s our list - bearing in mind we are collating this with a #livingyourbestlife vibe, not a #winnerofsurvivor vibe.  We might not NEED these to survive an apocalypse, but they’re definitely in this day and age version of ‘things we can’t live without’.  1. Skincare  #bestfaceforward   While water would be our number one SURVIVAL item for the ‘deserted island’ scenario, this list is more aligned with the ‘daily life’ scenario, so skincare is AT THE TOP!  A solid skincare routine using products that will feed your skin the nutrients it needs are absolute ‘cannot live without’ items.  Grab one of our skin treats and see for yourself!  2. Clean water + good food  It doesn’t need to be water from a spring in the Swiss Alps or cuisine from the fanciest restaurant in town, but food and water will ALWAYS be a necessity!  And even better if it looks super cute on your Insta feed right?! #gramgamestrong  3. Phone  Whether it’s to call a loved one, communicate with your kids to know they're safe, check in on a friend or update your social media account.  I think we’d all consider our phones to be a pretty important thing to have these days.  And with the beauty of the internet in your pocket, you have endless possibilities of things to find, people to meet and community engagement to access.  Let’s just all be mindful to use it for the benefit of others. 4. Coffeeee! Liquid gold. The good stuff.  If you can live without, you go glen coco.  Maybe you’re a tea drinker? Green Tea Matcha?  Whatever your choice of beverage… who can imagine a life without them?!    5. Clothes  We don’t know about you, but nothing worse than being caught on your daily commute to work, butt naked in the middle of the train right?!   I mean, really this one is for the benefit of those around you. And with fashion forever evolving (or going back to the ’90s, YUSSS!) how fun that we can all dress in our own way. 6. The beach  Now we’re getting into those things that just make life BETTER.  How good is the feeling after a long day at work, or a day cooped up studying or with a house full of over-energetic kids, to just go and walk along the sand and to look out at the beautiful ocean around us?  Bliss.  7. Books  A book can be so powerful.  Each one merely words set out on pages, bound together to form a book, but each with such a unique purpose.  Some allow you to study and complete your degree. Some help advance and further your career. Some might teach you a new skill or guide you to learn a new way of life.  Maybe it feeds your soul and teaches you about your religion.  Or perhaps it is used to inspire you, as it journey’s through the life of somebody else.  And our personal favourite, the books that entertain you with their multi-layered fictional characters and unfolding story.  8. Company  Okay, so this is not a ‘thing’. But have you ever tried to live your life without ANYONE’S company?  No human contact (as we’ve learnt throughout this pandemic) is certainly not the ideal.  Even introverts who love their own space, would need at least small amounts of human contact and company.  So it deserved a spot on our list.  9. Screens  Again, we’re not talking about survival here.  We’re talking about what are those everyday things that we can’t live without (anymore!)  And although screens get a bad rap because they can be used too much, a balanced amount is healthy.  Your laptop? Can allow you to work from wherever while looking after family or travelling around the country making memories. All the while being able to provide for your family.  On the computer! This is where the next inventions in the tech world are created!  Your living room TV can provide the family with the movie we all sit to watch together with a shared blanket and giant bowl of popcorn.  And who doesn’t love sitting in a movie theatre with an oversized slushy and 2 hours of purposed chill out time?!   10. Music  There have been studies done that show the physical and psychological benefits of what music does for living beings.  Have you ever watched a movie or TV and show and imagine what it would be like without the music in the background? Weird!  Imagine Christmas time without Christmas carols?  Playing it in the car on the long road trip to visit the in-laws, having it on in the background of your dinner party, experiencing it live as people play the instruments in front of you or even jumping up and down at a concert! #groupie  Most religions even use music as a form of worship, powerful. This is some of our things we can’t imagine life without.  What are some of yours?