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Meet our SkinTrients Probiotic Fighter Supplement

Meet our Probiotic Fighter Skintrients

We’re going to take a pretty safe bet that you’ve heard of probiotics, but can anyone tell us what they are or why you need them? Maybe why they benefit the skin? Don’t stress, we’re going to go through it. 

Spoiler alert: by adding a probiotic supplement to your day you’re going to notice some amazing benefits to your body’s overall health, as well as that of your skin.

Why Did We Create the Probiotic Fighter Supplement?

Firstly, we should probably go over what on earth probiotics are. To put it simply, they are healthy bacteria (the good guys) that keep all of the nasty bacteria (the bad guys) in check. There’s a reason we call this the Probiotic Fighter supplement, because we like to think of them as little soldiers that fight off the bad bacteria. They are crucial for tummy health and help you absorb all of the incredible nutrients in your fruit, vegetables and, ahem, SkinTrients supplements. 

Bad tummy bacteria can get out of control thanks to a high-sugar diet, a few too many vinos and (prepare yourself) caffeine. When you add stress and one too many sleepless nights into the mix, that bad bacteria is going to start to run amuck on your skin and overall wellbeing. Giving your body a daily dose of that good bacteria is going to make you feel a million times better. 

Benefits of our Probiotic Capsules

The probiotic supplement has some fantastic benefits for your skin (this is still SkinTrients, after all) but you’ll also notice a real difference to your overall health and wellbeing. 

Probiotics allow for better nutrient absorption from our foods and any other SkinTrients supplements you are taking. That’s why it is a great all-rounder to incorporate into your day. You can take up to three SkinTrients supplements at any one time, so the Probiotic Fighter is a great one to add to the mix to make the most out of the other powerhouse ingredients. 

Probiotics also improve your tummy health and function, as they reduce inner body inflammation that can cause discomfort. They also help to stimulate the immune response to keep illnesses at bay. Need another reason to love probiotics for your body’s health? They also strengthen your bones as they increase the density. 

Now onto why you should not be sleeping on probiotic supplements for your skin.

The skin is a microbiome with good bacteria that supports the body as a whole, but when that microbiome is compromised, you can often find yourself with skin concerns like psoriasis or acne. Probiotic blends have been proven to strengthen the skin and restore good bacteria. 

Probiotics also help to maintain collagen production, which means less sagging and an increase in your skin’s ability to heal itself. This supplement will also help to reduce inflammation and irritation. 

An Ingredient Run-Down 

This may be unsurprising, but the key ingredients in these capsules are a blend of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. 

We’ve extensively covered probiotics and there'll be a quiz at the end (kidding!), but as a refresher, they are good bacteria that support skin repair, help you absorb nutrients, strengthen the immune system and allow for better tummy health and function. 

So what about pre and postbiotics? Well, prebiotics are a fibre that probiotics use as ‘food’ to do all of the amazing things that they do. Postbiotics are the compounds formed when the probiotics digest prebiotics and they help slow down the spread of the bad bacteria. Starting to see how they all work together? 

Along with all of the -biotics, this supplement also contains vitamin D3 which aids in the absorption of calcium to keep your bones strong and healthy. You’ll also find silica, which strengthens the skin and helps your body to produce collagen for a plump and glowing complexion. 

Who is it Ideal For?

The best part is that the Probiotic Fighter is a great supplement for most people as it covers a range of skin concerns and gives your body a bit of love too. 

If you do have conditions such as acne, eczema or psoriasis, probiotics can help to regulate the good bacteria on your skin. 

If tummy discomfort is something you’re struggling with, adding a probiotic supplement to your diet may help to relieve it. 

The Probiotic Fighter supplement pairs well with an esmi probiotic skincare routine, so if you’re already a fan of our Skin Mylck range, you’re going to want to give these probiotic capsules a go. 

Like all of the SkinTrients supplements, this is totally cruelty free and vegan. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our skin experts! 

Meet our Probiotic Skintrients