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Baby Give Back: Every Baby Deserves An Equal Start

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Baby Give Back: Every Baby Deserves An Equal Start


Every baby deserves an equal start.

It’s the mission that drives the amazing volunteers at Baby Give Back. The team provides life changing support for families in crisis who are unable to afford baby essentials for their children.

More than 300 volunteers work tirelessly to collect donations of quality baby essentials, providing them to struggling families via social service agencies who are qualified to assess a family's needs. 

“We are changing the lives of children. Changing the trajectory for disadvantaged families. We are the village when they need it most.” 

Items range from nappies and wipes, through to prams, cots and car seats and everything in between. Everything that leaves their warehouse is thoroughly cleaned, safety checked, in good condition and beautifully packaged for their new family.

Baby Give Back is one of the smaller not-for-profit organisations tackling the big cause of helping give vulnerable babies their best start in life. 

“The challenges we face to sustain and grow our service often seem huge and sometimes insurmountable, yet our village always comes together.”

Their team relies heavily on public events to raise donations and help them get urgently needed baby items to families in financial crisis.

Right now, demand keeps growing month on month. Donations are needed more than ever. 

To that end, their main fundraising event for 2020, Baby Give Back High Tea, was planned for November.

The esmi Skin Minerals team was excited to get behind the high tea as an event sponsor to help raise much needed funds to give every baby a safe and equal start to life. 

Due to COVID restrictions, the event has been cancelled. As a smaller not-for-profit, this has had a big knock on effect to crucial funding for Baby Give Back. 

We wanted to support this amazing cause and do what we could to buffer the loss of the cancellation. We upheld our $15,000 donation to Baby Give Back and also offered ticket holders a $100 esmi voucher instead of people asking for a refund of their $75 ticket. 

How can you help?

If you have any *gently loved* baby items you no longer need or would like to make a financial donation, please visit Baby Give Back and help their team support some of Australia’s most vulnerable families.  

Gold Coast Pop-Up Store - Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

esmi Skin Minerals Pop-up Store Gold Coast

Gold Coast Pop-Up Store - Pacific Fair Shopping Centre


esmi Skin Minerals Pop-Up Store - Gold Coast

Open 16th November until 31st January 2021.

For the first time ever, Gold Coast customers will be able to shop the esmi Skin Minerals range live and in person at our Gold Coast Pop-Up Store located at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. Meet the team and find the perfect esmi products for your skin.





Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach QLD 4218

Located Level 1 near Event Cinemas, Fossil & Sea Folley.


Opening Hours:

Monday 9am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9am - 5:30pm
Friday 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm


esmi Skin Minerals Pop-Up Store | Pacific Fair Shopping Centre


Brisbane Pop-Up Store - Westfield Chermside

esmi Skin Minerals Pop-up Store Brisbane

Brisbane Pop-Up Store - Westfield Chermside


esmi Skin Minerals Pop-Up Store - Brisbane

Open 18th November until 31st January 2021.

For the first time ever, Brisbane customers will be able to shop the esmi Skin Minerals range live and in person at our Brisbane Pop-Up Store located at Westfield Chermside. Meet the team and find the perfect esmi products for your skin.





Westfield Chermside

Gympie Rd, Chermside QLD 4032

Located Ground Level near Betts Shoes & Lorna Jane.


Opening Hours:

Monday 9am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9am - 5:30pm
Friday 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm


esmi Skin Minerals Pop-Up Store | Westfield Chermside


Treating Acne With Probiotic Skin Care

Treating acne with probiotic skin care

Treating Acne With Probiotic Skin Care


Treating Acne with Probiotic Skin Care 

Probiotics are making waves in skincare! Topical probiotics can be beneficial for a range of skin conditions, including probiotic acne solutions. We walk you through what they do and how probiotics for acne can help manage breakouts and inflammation. 


The Lowdown on Topical Probiotics for Acne 


What are probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that occur naturally in our bodies. They’re often called ‘good bacteria’.

You’ve probably heard about probiotics in relation to gut health but did you know that trillions of microorganisms live on your skin too? They are the tiniest defenders of your skin and we literally wouldn’t be able to function without them!

Collectively, these organisms are known as the skin’s microbiome which consists of a delicate, diverse balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria. Your skin microbiome is part of the skin barrier. 

A balanced microbiome = healthier skin

A well functioning, balanced microbiome is essential for healthy skin and a strong barrier. Skin can defend itself against external invaders, stay hydrated, clear, and calm. 

Too many bad bacteria = inflammation and impaired skin barrier

Many things can throw the skin's microbiome out of balance and cause a surge in bad bacteria. Sun exposure, pollutants, diet, medication, and irritating skincare ingredients to name a few. 

An unbalanced microbiome can result in inflammation and a compromised skin barrier leading to issues like acne, rosacea, eczema, excessive dryness, and skin sensitivity. 

Topical use of probiotics in skincare

Research has shown the potential to address a range of inflammatory skin conditions, including acne, by topically inserting good bacteria (probiotics) into the skin’s microbiome with skincare. 

In turn, this restores balance to the microbiome creating an optimal environment for skin health to thrive and rapidly stimulate cell renewal to repair the barrier.

Extensive testing on keratinocyte monolayer scratches (one cell thick scratches) has shown the esmi Skin Minerals Lacticaseibacillus.rhamnosus Lysate as ideal for topical application to stimulate rapid skin cell renewal and accelerate wound healing. 

What do probiotics do in skincare for acne?

Acne is triggered by an influx of bacteria known as p. Acnes

Excess oil on the skin leads to blocked pores which are the ideal environment for this bacteria to thrive and spread. This in turn leads to breakouts, inflammation, and swelling. 

Using probiotic acne skincare may help manage acne in two ways. 

First, to get the spread of acne bacteria under control (help clear existing breakouts) and second, by regulating oil production to minimise breakout recurrence.

Control the spread of bacteria

Adding good bacteria to the skin with topical probiotics can help fortify skin's beneficial microflora and reduce acne bacteria.

Regulate oil production

Many skincare products, especially those related to acne, strip the skin of oil entirely. This causes the skin to create more oil which triggers more breakouts. 

Stripping the skin also disrupts the skin barrier (which includes the skin’s microbiome) resulting in a surge of bad bacteria and increased sensitivity. 

Using probiotic acne skincare can help create an optimal environment to heal a compromised skin barrier and aid in balancing oil and reduced sensitivity.


Probiotic Skin Mylck and What Probiotics Do in Skin Care 


esmi Probiotic Skin Mylck is a world-first in probiotic skincare. A very light moisturising lotion that simply melts into the skin, the probiotic rich formulation can help aid in healing acne-prone, compromised skin. 

Skin Mylck contains the 100% Australian Made probiotic Lysate to help create an ideal environment for compromised, acne-prone skin to repair a damaged skin barrier and kill pathogens (bad bacteria) to fortify skin's beneficial microflora. 

How to use Skin Mylck in your routine

Skin Mylck is a moisturising lotion designed to follow the cleansing and sensitive skin soothing  serum steps in your morning and night routines. 

If you don’t use a Skin Treat serum

After cleansing, using the dropper drip a thumb size amount of Mylck onto your fingertips or palm and massage into the skin. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser when treating your skin with esmi Skin Mylck.

If you use a water-based Skin Treat serum

After applying a sensitive skin serum allow it to absorb. Then, using the dropper, drip a thumb size amount of Mylck onto your fingertips or palm and massage into the skin. 

If you have very dry skin

While Skin Mylck is a moisturising lotion, if your skin is extremely dry, and you feel you need more moisture you could follow with a Skin Treat oil like Peppermint Green Oil. 


Creating An Acne Routine with Probiotics 


For the ultimate acne fighting routine, we recommend the following products be used in conjunction with Skin Mylck.

Cleanser: The Uncomplicated Cleanser Plus Anti-Redness

Skin Treats (Serum): Anti-Redness Minty Green Smoothie or/and Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum

Moisturiser: Probiotic Skin Mylck or Probiotic Skin Mylck Plus Anti-Redness (If acne is very inflamed)

Face Oil: Peppermint Green Oil (If areas of skin are extremely dry and you feel you need more moisture)

Exfoliant: Fresh Sea And Salty Sand or/and Detoxifying Exfoliating Charcoal Serum

Mask: Anti-inflammation Mint Gel Booster Mask

Sunscreen: Skin Shield SPF 30+ 

esmi Skin Mylck range is designed to help with various skin concerns including dullness, redness and inflammation, dehydration, and sensitivity.

View the full range of esmi Probiotic Skin Care

Our Skin Service team is here to guide you every step of the way and answer questions you have about our probiotic skin care products and the best probiotics for acne. Please reach out via chat or email


Infographic_ treating acne with probiotics


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esmi Skin Mylk range is made with a 100% Australian made Lacticaseibacillus.rhamnosus Lysate produced in Australia’s first and only cGMP/TGA certified facility for probiotic API manufacturing.Ref:

Skin care tips for active lifestyles

Skin care tips for active lifestyles

Skin care tips for active lifestyles


Skin Care Tips for Active Lifestyles

Swimming, running, netball, football, hiking - we’re covering skin care for athletes and anyone who gets active outdoors. Working up a sweat is great for your skin but you’ve got to take care of it the right way!


Skin Care For Sports 


Exercise boosts blood circulation (hello rosy glow!) while sweating helps the body purge itself of toxins and bacteria. Both of these things can lead to clearer, healthier looking skin but only if you’re looking after it pre and post-exercise. 

Protect your skin from sun and wind

Any outdoor sport exposes you to the weather and windy conditions or sunny days can impact your skin. 

SPF protection is a non-negotiable for your skin care for sports routine - the positive difference for your skin health when you use sunscreen vs no sunscreen can’t be said enough.

Always apply sunscreen (broadspectrum SPF30+ or higher) before heading outside to exercise and if you’re a swimmer, use water-resistant sunscreen. 

We recommend: Skin Shield Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

Always cleanse immediately after exercise 

Working up a sweat stimulates lymphatic drainage which helps detoxify your body and skin by releasing toxins through your pores in the form of sweat. 

Sounds great for your skin, right? Well, only if you cleanse your face ASAP after sport. 

If sweat stays on your skin it mixes with the oils, bacteria and dead skin cells quickly clogging pores and leading to breakouts. 

Cleansing your skin immediately after exercise is a key element of healthy skin care for sports. Wear makeup? Removing it before exercise will help minimise the chance of breakouts too. 

We recommend: The Uncomplicated Cleanser or The Uncomplicated Cleanser Plus Anti-Redness.

Stay hydrated

Sweat causes your body’s water hydration to dip when it evaporates from your skin. 

Not only does this impact your physical performance, it leaves your skin parched too which may lead to symptoms including congestion, redness, and inflammation. 

Sweat isn’t the only thing that can deplete moisture levels. If you’re playing sport outdoors on a windy day, this will pull water from your skin too - a double dehydration combo.

Stay hydrated with water and natural electrolyte drinks (like coconut water) while exercising to replace lost fluid. You can also support skin moisture levels by adding a hydrating serum to your  sports skincare routine. 

We recommend: Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum (all skin types) and Probiotic Skin Mylck Plus Hydration (Moisturising fluid for sensitive skin types) 


Skin Care for Outdoors 


Regularly spending time outdoors in nature or green spaces is so important for our wellbeing. 

When we spend time in natural sunlight, it triggers the production of Vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is crucial for overall health (both physical and mental) and it’s often called “the sunshine vitamin.”

We shouldn’t ‘fear’ the sun, but we need to be careful about how we can enjoy the benefits of sunlight without compromising the skin. 

Overexposure to UV light accelerates the signs of premature ageing - it’s responsible for up to 90% of the visible signs of ageing. It causes free radical activity in the cells leading to lines, sagging, and hyperpigmentation. Worse, it increases the risk of skin cancer. 

Skin can also become dehydrated with too much sun exposure. Signs of dehydration include dullness, tight or itchy skin, and more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles.

Find a happy balance by spending time outdoors when UV is usually lower - early morning or late afternoon - and wear sun protection. SPF 30+, hat, and protective clothing if you are spending long days outdoors.

We recommend: Skin Shield Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

Need guidance on putting together your best outdoor or sports skincare routine? Book your free skin consultation with one of our skincare experts! We’re here to help.


Infographic: skin care tips for active lifestyles

What Does Gold Leaf Do In Skin Care?

Header_What does gold leaf do in skin care?

What Does Gold Leaf Do In Skin Care?


What Does Gold Do in Skin Care?

Our 24K Gold Nourishing Oil is one of our most popular products! Gold is a potent antioxidant revered for its youth-promoting properties. Find out more about the incredible benefits of gold leaf skincare. 


What is 24K Gold Leaf Oil?


You can’t tell looking at the loose coins rolling around in your wallet, but gold contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are incredibly beneficial for skin.

The youth-promoting benefits of gold skin care

Gold is revered for its ability to promote youthful-looking skin by stimulating collagen and increasing elasticity for a firmer complexion. 

We’re not suggesting you rub gold coins onto your face! Gold skin care infused with gold leaf (flakes of gold) is the way to impart this precious metal’s benefits to your skin.


How is gold leaf made?

The basic method of producing gold leaf has remained the same for centuries - bars of gold are essentially beaten into tiny flakes. These tiny flakes of precious metal are then infused into different types of gold skin care alongside other beneficial ingredients.

Meet esmi 24k Gold Nourishing Oil!

Luxurious and non-greasy esmi 24K Gold Nourishing Oil contains high quality, cosmetic grade, 24k gold flakes and is perfect for combination to dry skin as a moisturiser. It helps address dryness, dehydration, ageing, fine lines and wrinkles on face, neck, and decolletage.

A 100% cruelty free and vegan formulation, the oil also contains natural and plant derived ingredients including a blend of rosehip, jojoba, avocado, and coconut oil. We look at the benefits of these incredible oils further along!


How Does Gold Leaf Oil Affect Skin? 


The pure gold in esmi 24K Gold Nourishing Oil offers powerful anti-ageing and skin saving benefits. 

Helps boosts circulation

Gold is known to help improve blood circulation. The oil imparts a beautiful healthy glow post-application thanks to this boost in circulation!

Stimulated collagen and improves skin elasticity

Gold skin care counters the breakdown of collagen fibres and elastin in the skin. This breakdown occurs naturally with age and increases with free-radical activity leading to sagging skin, fine lines, loss of volume and skin elasticity. 

esmi 24K Gold Nourishing Oil can help stimulate skin’s collagen production and strengthen elasticity for a smoother, firmer, looking complexion.  

Protects against environmental stressors

Not only does gold antioxidant activity help increase the production of new collagen, but it can also help protect the health of existing collagen. It aids in guarding the skin against the free-radical damage caused by external stressors including pollution, UV light, and other toxins our skin comes in contact with every day. 

The antioxidants in our gold leaf skin care helps neutralise damaging free radical activity on existing collagen to fight signs of fine lines, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and dullness. 


How Do You Use 24K Gold Leaf Oil? 


esmi 24k Gold Nourishing Oil is designed as the moisturising step and fits into your routine like this:

Cleanser followed by 24K Gold Leaf Oil or, if you use a serum, cleanser then serum then 24K Gold Leaf Oil 

Use the dropper to apply 2-3 drops of oil directly onto your palm and massage into the skin - including around the eye area. You can use the oil in your morning and evening routine.


Supporting Ingredients 


It’s not just the gold working hard for your skin in our 24K Gold Leaf Oil! It also contains a blend of plant oils and other skin-saving ingredients to help boost moisture levels, improve elasticity and firmness, fight free radical activity, minimise pigmentation, and aid in healing damaged skin.

Rosehip oil

High in vitamin A, rosehip oil aids in skin regeneration, brightening, evening out skin tone, and improving firmness and elasticity.

Jojoba oil

A plant oil with characteristics similar to your skin’s own sebum, jojoba helps to regulate oil production, heal the skin barrier, and has anti-inflammatory and moisture promoting qualities. 

Avocado oil

Packed with vitamins A, B, C and D, and vitamin E, the fatty acids in avocado oil promote firmer, softer skin, hydration, and neutralise free radical damage. 

Coconut oil

With skin-saving fatty acids, like linoleic acid and lauric acid, coconut oil is also antibacterial and provides emollient, skin softening benefits. 


Squalane is an oil with excellent emollient, anti-inflammatory, and circulation-boosting benefits.


Products to team with 24k Gold Nourishing Oil for optimal results


The Uncomplicated Cleanser

It’s important to use a gentle cleanser with the oil. The Uncomplicated Cleanser suits all skin types and concerns, the cleanser balances skin and won’t leave it dry or tight, just clean, calm, and supple.

Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum 

Team 24k Gold Nourishing Oil with Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum for deep rehydration and skin plumping.

The ultimate skin hydrator, this quick-absorbing serum fights dehydration for more hydrated, plumper, repaired skin. Ideal for all skin types, apply the serum after cleansing and before applying the oil in your routine. 

24K Gold Nourishing Oil is one of our most popular products! Purchase today in a Skin Bundle to get the 24k Gold Nourish Oil and the complementary products you need for an amazing skin routine.


Infographic_What does gold do in skin care

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